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    Game and Jayo

    anyone heard back 2 back..i think they both killed the track
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    some real dago MC's

    Ecay Uno, Criccet, Complex, Contraband, Mitchy, Damu, Bay Loc, CeeWee3, Jayo(when he on some rap shit), Baby Scar, June, Mooch Massive(nigga got heat), CHec, support that dago movement this aint it.... Dago got Heat
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    Baby Mike Loc(R.I.P)

    Dago got REAL ass niggas like my nigga baby mike loc who never got they time to shine bloods an crips dago got heat its time for niggas to shine Rest In Peace to tha fallen homies from all sides of tha traccs much love to my dago niggas doin it this game Mitchy Criccet Ecay Damu all ya'll niggas...
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    Best Dago Quotes

    what are the some of the tightest quotes comin out of SD