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  1. Minne

    tech n9ne lost cities tour

    a new tour i guess. just found out about the seattle date
  2. Minne

    Lebowski from tech n9ne killer album to strange??

    he posted this on facebook today "my strange music papers come in the mail this week!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my strange music family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! legoo!!!!!" dunno if this guy for real but okay
  3. Minne

    Mayday signs to strange music
  4. Minne

    Brotha Lych Hung Razor Blades And Alochol Tour Date

    The dates are out
  5. Minne

    Brotha Lynch 91mix on tour with tech?

    just found this
  6. Minne

    OTl Rest in peace nate dogg

    R.i.p. nate dogg. sad to hear this has happend
  7. Minne

    krizz kaliko and layzie bone feb 11 washington state

    i am siked! feb 11. at club brodway here in everett washington. like 5 mins away from home. this should be cool
  8. Minne


    the Saints have never won a playoff game on the road. It's most likely going to be rainy in cold in Seattle on Saturday so hopefully that will play a factor in the game. I'm hoping the Hawks can hang, should be a good one.
  9. Minne

    So pete carrol is sticking with Hasselbeck

    man as a Seahawks fan, this sucks. Put in Charlie
  10. Minne

    jay rock has a mixtape coming friday i guess didnt know about that till just now
  11. Minne

    50% off sale. Strangegivin

  12. Minne

    shade 45 interview if you havent heard it yet
  13. Minne

    Prozak northwest tour

    anyone gonna go? ill be there on the 25th! excited
  14. Minne

    faygolovers prozak interview
  15. Minne

    strange music site updated with all the gear all the new gear up
  16. Minne

    prozak signed to new label?!/pages/PROZAK-The-Hitchcock-Of-Hip-Hop-/116706025006177?v=wall&story_fbid=116187051747734 according to his facebook
  17. Minne

    The Shows/Tours Thread

    i have not been to the market but i saw tech at the sodo. it was orginally suppose to be at the market but they had alot of sales so they moved it to the sodo so i assume its bigger
  18. Minne

    The Shows/Tours Thread

    they playing at the market? isnt the sodo bigger?
  19. Minne

    20th Century Fox buys rights to Colton Harris-Moore story i find this funny. i went to school with this kid and its just blowing up now
  20. Minne


    ima download now. rate after listen