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  1. Ike Turner

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Muthafucka! eNf_QgmX8Fk
  2. Ike Turner

    R.I.P Stuart Scott

    I'm sick of that shit. Seems like whenever i turn my head around someone else has got it or they been dead and I didn't even know it. R.I.P
  3. Ike Turner

    Robin Williams found dead

    I could never really get into his brand of stand up comedy, or even get a big laugh out of it, but he was a good actor and great storyteller. R.I.P
  4. Ike Turner

    Marin County Gun Buyback

    pretty shit deal. you don't have to live in the county to surrender a gun, in case anyone was wondering. do they really have to call it "surrender"? it's not like i committed a fucking crime and now i give up. i'm just selling a firearm and being low balled by the cops is all.
  5. Ike Turner

    Gunman alert at SJ City College

    this supposed to be some kind of trend now or some shit?
  6. Ike Turner

    Rapper Notorious B.I.G.'s autopsy released

    Biggies Smalls autopsy report has finally been released, not that it matters. the cause of death was never a mystery.
  7. Ike Turner

    Charlie cook's the birds in the bathroom

    LOL..... look at the way he's smoking that cigarette. like a fucking basehead. CUvsCASuAx8
  8. Ike Turner

    Boy Kills Neo Nazi Father with a .357 Magnum

  9. Ike Turner

    Fuck taco bell

    today is free dorito taco day at taco smell......LIKE I GIVE A FUCK! wtf am i gonna do with just 1 taco? i need about 10 of those sumbitches to get full. that is how they get you hooked. they give you a free B, let you have a taste, and tell you "please come again." the next thing you know...
  10. Ike Turner

    bank exec sought bath salts help from police

  11. Ike Turner

    Fuck you captcha you blurry bitch!

  12. Ike Turner

    So Cal shaken by 'swarm' of earthquakes

    it's the first time i'm hearing about this today. over 200 earthquakes and nobody fucking died? exactly wtf do they classify as an earthquake in so cal?
  13. Ike Turner

    Mother Carrying Son FALLS on Subway Tracks

    ok first of all, she didn't just fall. it looked like the bitch was trying to walk into the invisible train, and ended up eating shit instead.. it can happen to any of us.
  14. Ike Turner

    BREAKING NEWS : atleast 7 people shot infront of empire state building

    BREAKING NEWS: at least 7 people shot in front of the empire state building. gunman has been killed by police. it has not yet been confirmed if plexico burress is involved in the shooting.
  15. Ike Turner

    I Wonder How Much They Make An Hour
  16. Ike Turner

    Russian With Big Tits Walking On Beam

  17. Ike Turner

    Special Bullshit Service to Honor Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

    wtf are these bridge jumpers being remembered for taking the easy way out and killing themselves, and ending life prematurely ? statically speaking 1 person has just probably committed suicide by hanging himself right now, and by the time i'm done typing this shit, another person is about to put...