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  1. dgaf technician

    Tech N9ne Therapy - Hiccup

    the full track is available on itunes for free easy to find from there.. thoughts?
  2. dgaf technician

    T Cool ft Tech n9ne "now ya know"

    what the fuck lol can anyone get a feature with tech? 4FVGnbeAndo
  3. dgaf technician

    has this been posted?

    mr stinky i think? ft tech "gone digital" B_dzaaMIMCc meh
  4. dgaf technician

    krazie bone ft n9ne - flow

    L2mJanoJeaA havent heard techs verse before is this legit?
  5. dgaf technician

    insidious flow ft kutt calhoun "rude bitch"

  6. dgaf technician

    shade45 play

    not real big news but earlier today 3 consecutive callers requested to play tech n9ne and they did just that, pretty cool IMO.
  7. dgaf technician

    5/26 @ the cabooze mpls.

    dope outdoor show with some serious energy. kutt calhoun showed up and performed a song with dope sick (some shit openers) but didn't perform with tech and krizz ?
  8. dgaf technician

    mac lethal

    signs with strange music
  9. dgaf technician

    TRAE The Truth Official Thread

    dont know what to think...
  10. dgaf technician

    Has anyone seen this?

  11. dgaf technician

    can anyone answer

    The name of the track when tech says " How you want it, air jordan in your mouth bitch?" Huge brain fart cant think of the name.
  12. dgaf technician

    XXL Feature Tech show in MPLS
  13. dgaf technician

    Ot strange fantasy football

    Would like to get a league going if anyone is interested
  14. dgaf technician

    OT Cognito OverHATED

  15. dgaf technician

    stumbled upon this

    random as hell video of a new years party tech is just FUCKED up haha i thought it was funny, 6:13. XJ-mt07ypsU
  16. dgaf technician

    Tech N9ne (and t9x) Mentioned in LA Times
  17. dgaf technician

    Minneapolis Show Review

    Jay Rock - Terrible live show Glasses Malone - Terrible live show E40 - Was surprised with his performance was pretty satisfied. Tech / Kutt / Krizz = WOW... amazing, gets better every show but now that they finally got a new setlist it made it that much more enjoyable.. sorry for rambling on...
  18. dgaf technician

    Tech N9ne Live @ Splash Festival in Germany