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    4 Tray Block & The Drifta - Up In The Pocket (Sactown, 1995) 4 Sale

    Official re-press on a pro pressed CD-R. only a handful made, check it out.
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    Keep Fucking That Chicken

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    Looking For Sevin - All Or None

    Anybody has the original 1999 release? I already own the 2001 re-press. Hit me up if you got an extra copy.
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    Player "P"

    Anyone ever heard of this guy? Old school cat, probably from North Sac. He had at least 2 tapes in the late 80's early 90's.
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    Unknown - 19916 FOR SALE (Sactown Classic)

    If anybody is looking for the Sacramento classic "Unknown - 19916" from 1997, hit up my man Nico at: There were only about 500 made, so he doesn't have many of them left. He also has a couple of solo calssics out called "Doin Tha Damn Thang" and "Land Of...
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    Brotha Lynch Hung Discography

    Everybody knows the albums he dropped once he joined Black Market, but he was releasing shit since 1986. Does anyone have a list of all the vinyls/tapes he released before 24 Deep? That original Nigga Deep album dropped around 89/90 the Sicx & Lynch Vinyl Mr. Police Man. Anybody knows anything else?
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    Midwest CD Covers [Reloaded]

    Edmond, Oklahoma [Tape only] Akron, Ohio. 1996 Racine, WISCONSIN. 1997 Tape only Denver, Colorado. 1997 Flint, Michigan. 1999/2000 Never came with a front cover.
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    I've dealt with some scammers in my life, but none as DUMB as this guy. Usually scammers come up with some slick shit to try & fuck you. This guy came up with some 3rd grade crap & thought he can pull it off. This one cat named foevah (he is also on the siccness under the same name), hit me up...
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    Midwest CD Covers [Reloaded]

    Chicago, 1994/1995
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    Techni Crew

    They became Ill Fated later on. Did they ever drop anything except some wax? They were around in the early 90's, so they probably had a Tape or CD out on top of the 12". holla
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    Looking For A St. Louis Album: Mayjor League

    no kidding man. i was sleeping on it.
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    Looking For A St. Louis Album: Mayjor League

    I've been after this album for a couple of years now. Didn't have luck keeping it on the low, so might as well come with it. If anybody has it for sale, let me know. I got quite a bit of money on it, so holla back. Shit! It doesn't even have a bar code. Anybody talked to St. Louis Paul...
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    How many albums/mixtapes he has out? I have his "Skeleton Key" & "Change The Game" albums, does he have anything else out?
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    Head And The Triple X Boyz

    What's up with it? It's one of the most sought after "Sac" tapes, but you got a group from Cleveland by the same name: What are the chances of that happening?
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    Midwest CD Covers [Reloaded]

    Meety Montana - Let's Go To War (Cincinnati, ????) Mr. F.I.S.K. - EQ My Levels (Denver, 1998) Rude Boy Inc. - Time To Make The Change (Detroit, 200?) Devious - Obituary (Chicago, 1994) <-- CLASSIC SHIT Tape Only Release. Had a chance to rip a couple of samples so I put them all...
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    Midwest CD Covers [Reloaded]

    I thought they only had 2 tapes out. Shit, I don't even own the CD although I know I should. Thanks man.
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    Midwest CD Covers [Reloaded]

    Does anyone have any "Brothas Most Wanted" covers except "October 31st"?
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    T-Reazy - Off The Spindle

    Looking for this album. PM me if you're interested in selling a copy. P.S: Anyone knows it if was pressed on a CD or a CD-R?
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    Royal Mixxers

    Can't Believe nobody has ever brought up their name up. They were one of the first rap acts from Sac. I think they even ran an Indie Hip Hop mag in the early 90's (D.H.X.). Anyone knows if they dropped anything other than the 87 Loyalty 12" (or on other formats except wax for that matter)...
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    Midwest CD Covers [Reloaded]