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  1. skitz


    Does anybody know whatever happened to him? I haven't heard anything from him in hella long. I think he changed his name or something.
  2. skitz

    So whats Loki been up to?

    Any new albums anytime soon?
  3. skitz


    How long does it take for everyone to commute to work? I am thinking of looking for a home in the east bay around san pablo and pinole. I work in half moon bay and daly city.
  4. skitz


    when will the cd be released?
  5. skitz


    congrats on the new baby I'll be pickin' this album up for sure
  6. skitz


    Anybody know a good place in the bay area to get rims for good prices? and that installs them to.
  7. skitz


    How much do you pay for property tax? I'm in the process of buying a home and worried about it. Isn't it like 1% of how much u bought the house for?
  8. skitz

    IPOD Question

    I got a 80g Ipod classic. Is there anyway I could transfer the songs I have on the ipod to another computer? My old computer broke so I got a new one. I don't have the back up disc or anything, just have the ipod.
  9. skitz

    whatever happend to Jsce tha mastamind?

    I think his first album came out back in 03 and I haven't heard from him since
  10. skitz

    My new tattoo

    I got my old tattoo covered up
  11. skitz

    window tinting

    Does anybody know a good place to go to in the bay area to get your car windows tinted. Around SF, daly city, 650 area
  12. skitz

    GrewSum - A Near Life Experience AVAILABLE NOW!!!

    where can I get the album
  13. skitz

    Any new music been out in the past few months?

    been hella busy so I kinda lost track if there is any GOOD cds that came out
  14. skitz

    Tattoo artist....?

    Anybody Know of a tattoo artist in the bay that does good portraits?
  15. skitz

    silver surfer photo from new fantastic four movie

  16. skitz

    High Blood pressure...?

    Who else got it and what do you do to lower it? I just got these one a day pills that help but's hard to lower it. I also got high cholesterol :ermm:
  17. skitz

    k so I go to gamestop

    I'm trading in some stuff right and I noticed something...well i noticed it for a long time or actually everytime I trade something in and they ask would I like to get a game, reserve whatever and then I say what I want or waiting for, like today...I said i'm waiting for ps3 and here we go, I...
  18. skitz


    I was listening to the radio right...holy shit how many fucking damn lean songs are they gunna fucking make...every week there is a new lean song...lean back lean forward lean pocket lean your shoulders....just never ends just releasing some frustration haha does anybody agree with me?
  19. skitz

    power rangers (same guys that did juggernaut bitch) shit is hella funny lol
  20. skitz

    Bike question

    anybody know where in the bay they sell bmx's and for good prices? I tried a few places but they are hella small stores...looked up a few bike shops in the yellow pages but still couldn't find shit