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    I need a bootleg windows, anyone?

    I got a bootleg version of windows 7 and the windows media player wont work anymore. Any tips or ideas or maybe a link to a new windows download. Graciaz.

    What is A-Wax's standing in Bay Area Rap?

    Ay, Wax definitely legendary in my opinion because he reps what he does (home city) while creating success' in other states bringing new ears to the bay. Dre did that, quite a couple others did too, too high to make a list of who but if they're making bread and not frontin' then its mo' respect...

    Req. looking for some1 to upload the G.U.N. album for me.

    Just in case you wanted some rare old/new Homeboy music on original disc hit up the homie @TheRap$ta$h on ig or here. I've gotten tons of cds from him, hella legit tru hu$tla. Also he has other rappers like Sac or outta state cats too. but if i knew how to upload or where to I would...

    -List of Sacramento Diss Songs-

    chill bola album was actually pretty dope.

    We're back FINALLY!

    hitting home button triggers an automatic download. dont konw what it is, i delete it before it settles.

    Untapped dope on

    siccness always have me laughing, sicc breh goons put some good sarcasm but real responses up. but for datpiff topic, I download heavy on xay the dj / field negro / da bougie guy (same dude three names) for oldies, funk, rap from west and east coast and the south (not scrapas haha). Im a fool...

    We're back FINALLY!

    looks dope so far

    So Im Moving To Your Neighborhood NortWest Rydahz

    Washington is dope, I like it. I never been to bellingham but the big difference in my opinion is time seems to slow down up here compared to the fast life of Cali. the other dude is right, there does not seem to be too much activity in this spot. I wandered in here because I seen it didnt...

    Why hasn't Richmond contributed more the Bay Area's Hip Hop scene?

    money dee is dope, found him on ig and downloaded product from the 90s on datpiff and bought digital release sauce mania w/sauce king ash. matter fact, hyfe santana from yay boys (benny blanco, hyfe and taji spitz) I think put him on rap-wise with 7up Ent. but dont quote me, hahahaha

    Rare Norteno Rap Music

    The Rap $tash hooked it up, originally I seen he posted "from the Barrio with Love" cd and I had the opportunity to meet Homie and he hooked it up fat. Gracia$ @TheRap$ta$h Hollar at Homie if ya'll need rare Homeboy cds or rare underground classics.

    Do you have a teenager(s)? you/did you enjoy weed?

    @DucefaceD good question. My son is 16 and I am honest with him about his potential as a human being with and without mind altering substances. I feel ya on the hypocrisy level cuz I been burning in front of him and drinking ever since I can remember, doesnt mean I blow it in his face or pour...

    I think this dude pretty dope (lazy-boy)

    I thought it was dope, definitely a different way of rapping, kind of singing his lyrics. Perhaps a Northern Chicano "trey songz" or sumthin? But for San Jo, I respect the homie @SMOKIELOCO as a 408 representa', @bigrhino too. I don't have a "grammy" ear for kanye or jay z comparison when it...

    Oct. 21st Too $hort/Suga Free - Spokane

    Woooo, just puttin it out there. Gonna be in the builin supportin two of the realest game spittaz comin outta the CA! Yessir. Suga Free a foo with them lyrics tho, really lookin forward to seein him live.

    Hoopfest 2016 Spokane

    Anyone in the Northwest hittin' up hoopfest in Spokane to promote their music or hoopin' it up this weekend? They should have some shows at the lil night spots downtown, but I don't know who is performing.

    Dope Norte Rap Artist

    ^^^^awe shit I quoted the wrong person. see what happens when you live in the backwoods ass country, dial up problems thats what. this was supposed to quote @VERSACERO

    The Rap Stash

    Anyone heard of @therapstash on Instagram? He's got a lot of homeboy music for sale as well as other bay N sac artists.

    Condit vs lawler ufc 195 1/2/16

    Was hoping for Lawler k.o., @siccmadesyko same.

    Chi-raq movie

    Anyone watch this flick? Watched it yesterday, was pretty coo considering. I ain't too savvy on wats happenin out in the windy city but I don't think this flick will help to curb the violence.

    J-Bo Turfology Mixtape?

    I guess I could'a shared the actual song instead of just a reference, check out how he uses the tombstone part for the hook, classic move, I like it anyway.

    J-Bo Turfology Mixtape?

    I was listenin' to this mixtape from datpiff, not too bad for gang music standards, but it sounded like this cat was airin' out Kriminal and Baby Boy Ene. That track was kinda dope cuz he put a snippet from tombstone in there between doc holiday and johnny ringo. Anyone else heard it?