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    I got Tapes, Stackin Chips, Hemp Museum, Life Is and more...VALUE???

    Aight so i just found a bunch of my old tapes that i havnt listened to for many years. I was wondering if they were valueble at all or what some people thought i could sell them for. I got 3x krazy stackin chips, b-legit hemp museum, too short short doggs in the house and life is, i got rappin...
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    New song with E-40, Ice cube, WC, Paul Wall and others???

    Just heard it on the radio here down south. the song was fiyaaaa. The hook was about my lowrider. It had 40, wc, game, ice cube, paul wall and others. I think it was produced by Chops from the mountian brothers. Any info on it? what is it released on, post it.
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    What was this song from tonights On Tha Block?

    It sounded like a group. It was played right after boss tycoon. any help would be appreciated. i know many of u record the show.
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    What is this Mac Dre song?

    Its a song with luni coleone, the chours goes, "step up step up, step step up step up." anybody know where its from? what album? or can post it ?
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    TUNE in to itunes radio right now BAY SLAPPERS!!

    open itunes->radio->urban->youth radio. playin all bay slappers. just played raphael saadiq ft. devin the dude just a man. sounded like a live version anybody know what this is from?
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    Sup with the Hyphy energy drink?

    i know rick rock was suppose to make this, is it still comin out? when? where? or is this gonna become another e-40 dictionary of slang type product
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    Clyde Carson and Nate Dogg song..??

    I am lookin for this song. they played it a while back on kmel. What album is it on, or gonna be on.....what is it called? anybody got it? or some info hit me up.
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    E-40, Casual, and Lyrics Born- Callin Out REMIX

    anybody got this, it was played a few weeks ago on tha block. If anybody heard it and got some info, or got a radio rip or some sort of copy of it, let me know.