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  1. UndagroundSound

    Homebase Aztlan 1995 Fresno Tape Straight Out The Barrio 209 G-Funk MEGA RARE

    Added a rare underground tape on eBay: Homebase Aztlan was a Chicano Rap group coming from Fresno. They released their first full length tape (tape only release) "Straight Out The Bario" (Amerikkka's Worst Nightmare) in the Bay Area. They kinda remind me of "Chicano Conspiracy" from San Jose...
  2. UndagroundSound

    Dungeon Kid feat Steel Casket ( 1997 - San Diego ) Super Rare Tape only

    Here is a super rare tape only release which dropped way back in 1997 , it was produced by VMF. It features Silhouette on a track ( the same Silhouette who dropped "Who Got Tha Fonk" on Jungle Records ). Classic Cali G-Funk. Here's the link
  3. UndagroundSound

    >>> Promo CD singles, west, south, midwest...Check it out

    Hey whatup, here's some CD singles I have for sale, any information or details needed let me know! All are in good condition (cases with cracks will be replaced).
  4. UndagroundSound

    Promo cd singles for sale, midwest, south, west-coast cd's

    Hit me up if interested. Don't wait, some should get sold fast. any questions , PM me!
  5. UndagroundSound

    for sale on eBay: 42 promos singles 2nd II none, P.T.S, Scarface, D.E.E.P, etc.

    What's up everybody I've just put some cd's for sale , I will add more later. Some of them are real rare and some are common. Check it out , link below: >>> undagroundsound | eBay
  6. UndagroundSound

    eBay auctionz AK Knowledge, Big 50, New Breed Of Hu$tlas, Bro Lynch Hung, Hi-Toné etc

    hey folks I Listed some cd's check em out... some promos and singles..auctions for 5 days now undagroundsound | eBay
  7. UndagroundSound

    Some cd singles 4 sale

    Here's a list of cd's for sale some promo's some singles some ep's, 90% of them are in very good condition / like mint. PM to make an offer or ask any questions, scans, info etc. Will list all remaining cd's on ebay in a week or so; .380 (point 380)- like a playa 187 fac- 2 geez / tha frontline...
  8. UndagroundSound

    Big 50, AK Knowledge, K.I.D.D, Hi-Toné... for sale on eBay

    Posted a few rare cd's on eBay going for best offers, peep: undagroundsound | eBay -M
  9. UndagroundSound

    Some rare 90's cd singles Midwest , South , West-coast

    Almost all cd's are in very good condition. Any questions just ask.
  10. UndagroundSound

    eBay auctions 12" records for sale - One Gud Cide - Slic - G-Man and more!!!

    Just listed some records, they need to go, there's a few rare ones in there!!! I will do a 20% discount on shipping for 5 records or more!!! undagroundsound | eBay
  11. UndagroundSound

    eBay auctions: Young Stones,Godfather,TIC,Young G',M.S.L and more 90's cd's & tapes!!

    eBay auctions: Young Stones,Godfather,TIC,Young G',M.S.L and more 90's cd's & tapes!! Listed some tapes and cd's , 7 days auctions, check em out!! undagroundsound | eBay -M
  12. UndagroundSound

    Capital Punishment Klik - It Ain't No Mystery CD

    They released "Ghetto Storiez" in 1996, and I think they also had a tape out ? not sure - maybe Indo can shed some light on this. @DJxREMARKABLE could you post some scans of this album I'm super curious about it
  13. UndagroundSound

    eBay: 50+ cd's & tapes, 90's midwest south west-coast sh!t

    What's up I listed over 50 + cd's + tapes on eBay check em out!
  14. UndagroundSound

    Some tapes 4 sale: Washington, Bay, Midwest, South, West

    Listed some tapes for sale, some rare and some common stuff so take a look and maybe you'll find something... undagroundsound | eBay
  15. UndagroundSound

    Yall drink wine sometimes ???

    lemme show yall what the fuck i'm talkin about, real wine, from SouthSide of France, that real tasty stuff: from my fridge I swear those fuckin image hosts make it harder to upload pics. What the fuck is up with all those captcha answers n shit man lol Last but not least, one of those bomb...
  16. UndagroundSound

    Yall drink wine sometimes ???

    Just curious if yall have a glass of wine sometimes. I live in Southern France and here drinking wine is a must. It's like a religion. People drink wine on the regular, that's because the sunshine makes the grapes ideal for wine making. So we got that bomb wine. At noon, during the night...
  17. UndagroundSound

    I spoke to a US guy in Europe. He coo'

    I'm in europe. I live in southern France which is a great pleace to kick it. Nice food, nice weed, nice women. Peace worldwide. Fuck Gang stories.
  18. UndagroundSound

    Playa 1000 - Mo Drama Collector's Edition ringcode anybody?

    Thanks for clarifying things Sincere. out_of_print_rap...yea I remember that name. Well for me, personally speaking, what makes this "new 2004" version of mo Drama so special are the bonus track. It is not just a perfect exact same repress, it's really a collector's edition with those bonus...
  19. UndagroundSound

    Playa 1000 - Mo Drama Collector's Edition ringcode anybody?

    Does anybody have the ringcode for the Collector's Edition of the Mo' Drama CD by Playa1000? I have a doubt on the copy I'm sellin... any help would be appreciated thanks.
  20. UndagroundSound

    4 Dayz Auctions Tapes & CD's K-Love Playya1000 ICT Bossman Genocide MurderMan & mo !!

    4 Dayz Auctions Tapes & CD's K-Love Playya1000 ICT Bossman Genocide MurderMan & mo !! Added a few cd's and some tapes for sale... all may go for cheap so take your chance you never know, could get away with some for real cheap!! :siccness: Only 4 days...!! Peep! undagroundsound | eBay