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  1. caff

    RIP Cougnut!!

    Coming soon my boy...
  2. caff

    RIP Cougnut!!

    Last week I took a trip to the bay. Paying my respects to the one and only Cougnut!! Wishing you a Happy Early Birthday!! m0Z9FZwW6bE
  3. caff

    Nicki Minaj Mix.. Enjoy!!

    Probably I'm not going to get love here but for the folks who like Nicki. Enjoy!! caff - Nicki Minaj Mix - Mixcrate TRACKLIST: NICKI MINAJ- FLY RAE SREMMURD- NO FLEX ZONE (REMIX) NICKI MINAJ- YASSS BISH DJ KHALED- I WANNA BE WITH YOU B.O.B- OUT OF MIND NICKI MINAJ- ANACONDA DRAKE- MAKE...
  4. caff

    R.I.P Trigz

    Big lost in the Los angeles graffiti world and tattoo artist. You Might seen him on some rap videos. RIP TriGZ!!
  5. caff

    Techmaster P.E.B mix!!

    Techmaster P.E.B mix.. Long Live P.E.B!! His music is so meditative and enchanting. No-one Will Make Bass Music Like This Again. P.E.B has the smoothest BASS track to ever be created. 1990's stand up... caff - Techmaster P.E.B Mix - Mixcrate Tracklist: Activate Robot Love Its Freaky... DTSM 2...
  6. caff

    Egyptian Lover Mix

    A tribute to the King Of Electro Egyptian Lover. Always brought the house down to the dance floor. Much respect. caff - Egyptian Lover Mix - Mixcrate TRACKLIST: WHAT IS A DJ IF HE CANT SCRATCH FREAK A HOLIC MY BEAT GOES BOOM SO FINE BONUS THE LOVER GIRLS EGYPT I WANT CHA I NEED A FREAK SEXY...
  7. caff

    The Bass That Ate Miami Mix!!

    Right on my boy... one
  8. caff

    The Bass That Ate Miami Mix!!

    Dedicated to all my old school Miami Bass peepz. My first taste of music. Enjoy!! Free DL.. caff - The Bass That Ate Miami Mix - Mixcrate Tracklist: The Bass That Ate Miami- Maggotron Crushing Crew The Bass That Ate Miami (Remix)- Maggotron Crushing Crew Bass Machanic (Instrumental)- MC...
  9. caff

    Old School Rap Mix (Part 2 of 3)

    Throwback Thursday!! To all my old school peepz ENJOY Part 2 of 3 of my Hip Hop Aka Golden Era Mix. Support my page and dl my mixes. One, Caff. caff - Old School Rap Mix (Part 2 Of 3) - Mixcrate Tracklist: Stop The Violence Movement- Self Destruction Public Enemy- Fight The Power Dj Kool-...
  10. caff

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Right on Big homie Savage!!
  11. caff

    Old School Hip Hop Aka Golden Era Mix

    @evergreenrider- check out my other mixes caff DJ Mixes - Mixcrate
  12. caff

    Old School Hip Hop Aka Golden Era Mix

    For all big fans of 80's and 90's Hip Hop Aka Golden Era, This is dedicated to you!! caff - Old School Rap Mix (Part 1 of 3) - Mixcrate Tracklist: Biz Markie- Just A Friend Black Moon- How Many Mc Arrested Devolpment- People Everyday Common Sense- I Used To Love H.E.R Big Daddy Kane- Smooth...
  13. caff

    Heavy D Tribute Mix

    To all my sicc fam who love Heavy D. Enjoy!! Free Download.. caff - Heavy D Tribute Mix - Mixcrate Peaceful Journey. R.I.P Da Overwight Lover Heavy D. Tracklist: Girls They Love Me Dont Be Afraid The Overweight Lovers In The House You Aint Heard Nuttin Yet ... Big Daddy (Remix) Something...
  14. caff

    Big Daddy Kane Mix!!

    caff - Big Daddy Kane Mix - Mixcrate Peace To The Godfather of Hip Hop And Greatest Of All Time!! Long Live The Kane!! A treat to all my BDK peepz, check my 97min mix with pure BDK classic hits. Enjoy and free DL!! You wont be dissapointed. Tracklist: Taste Of Chocolate (Intro) Niggaz...
  15. caff

    west coast rap/hip hop mix

    Check Out And Download My 2 Hour Mix Featuring 70 Classic Hits. Appreciate good or bad feedback. One Click the link for the tracklist. caff - West Coast Hip Hop/Rap Mix - Mixcrate
  16. caff

    old school miami mix.

    caff - Old School Miami Booty Mix - Mixcrate Click for the tracklist and free download. Enjoy!
  17. caff

    Thread for various mixes.

    Planet Freestyle Mix 0A435n6c3CQ
  18. caff

    Thread for various mixes.

    Old School Electro Funk Mix 10LrUJziPms
  19. caff

    Thread for various mixes.

    Old School Miami Classic Hits MIX lLqcSn8A9fo
  20. caff

    Thread for various mixes.

    Enjoy! tud67LpkvDc