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    watch the throne tour sprint center kcmo

    I'll be there.
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    Best Midwest Female Artist?

    Duh, Dessa of Doomtree.
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    Rich The Factor on KC Most Wanted List?

    Messed up. Did he really have dangerous drugs????? When I met him he didn't seem dangerous to me at all, just cool and laid back.
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    REALEST NIGGAZ KC Ever Seen!!!!

    And this man.
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    Ron Ron- Left Brain Right Brain

    Where'd you get it?
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    What Are Your Real Thoughts on Tech's "All 6's & 7's" album??

    I think it's his best album ever. It's phenomenal. His lyricism, style, and beats are better than they've ever been. It's also the number one hip hop album in the country and the the number four album overall. He's blowing up.
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    Ron Ron Music Updates

    Is there an album cover for the Die Hard Mixtape?
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    Available 6/14 - 3rd Degree feat. Donta-Slusha "Body N The Trunk" Single

    Bought the song. I'd like to post it on my blog. Is there anyway I can post it without having it for free download?
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    I dig it! Are you guys from the West?
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    Messy Marv in KC this Weekend....

    Met him. Cool dude.
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    RIP Sliccs Gotcha

    RIP Sliccs. One of my favorite rappers.
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    When is KC gonna get off of the Bay nutz???

    The Bay/KC connection is love. Diggs is dope man. Don't hate on another man that's coming up. Bay and KC artists help eachother out. It's a beautiful thing Moe.
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    Rondoe - Authentic The Street Album
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    Rondoe - Authentic The Street Album

    I'll look for it.
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    Another KC Rapper Shot Dead

    RIP. Never heard of him but he was making big moves to have done a video with Rich and scrappy. It is sad especially to see an up and coming artist get murdered like this.
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    The Tonite Show With The Midwest

    Fatboy Chubb, K-OZ
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