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  1. RVPD Lt.

    Tapes for sale

    Here is the first dosage of tapes for sale, if you are interested in any just shoot me an offer via PM. Thanks.
  2. RVPD Lt.

    Tapes for sale

    We have these tapes for sale, shoot me an offer if you are interested in any Ace G - Da Singlz (199x) (Minneapolis, MN) Augie D - My Song (1991) (Paso Robles, CA) Battlecat - Gumbo Roots Advanced Cassette (1995) (Los Angeles, CA) Big Daddy Sound - Nature Plus 3 (Maxi Single) (1996) (Columbus...
  3. RVPD Lt.

    The best channel on yt when it comes to ug rap

    We dig out only the best and rarest stuff that's around...come check us out...everything comes from our from all over the U.S. but of course the most of it is from the bay...
  4. RVPD Lt.

    rambo shill bidding??

    Don't know but this looks hella fishy to me... Bidding Details
  5. RVPD Lt.

    J-Mack Crime Rate CD for S/T

    I got my hands on extra copy of J-Mack - Crime Rate Cd, it is in like new condition without any scratches so it's available for sale or trade. Shoot me an offer if you are interested. J-Mack - Crime Rate: CDs | Rap Music Guide
  6. RVPD Lt.

    yt channel

    WGFproductionz - YouTube
  7. RVPD Lt.

    Upsurge Takin It 2 Da Edge 94 Rockford, IL tape for sale

    I got one copy of this tape for sale, let me know if you are interested- Still sealed, my only one.
  8. RVPD Lt.

    Scratched CDs

    I am buying scratched CDs. If you got any CDs at home that are badly scratched, skip or doesnt work at all, have all covers then get to me via pm and I ll buy them from you for some $$.
  9. RVPD Lt.

    Nustyl 97 Milwaukee OG CD

    Check it out players
  10. RVPD Lt.

    11/5 Fiendin 4 Tha Funk white disc vs silver disc

    I got silver disc version some time ago but I have seen on ebay recently that there is also white version so my question is...which one is the OG ? or both of em came out at the same time ? thanks for the info.
  11. RVPD Lt.

    Nina Mobb - Life Of A Poe Nigga EBAY auction
  12. RVPD Lt.

    398 Welcome To The Darkside 98 Houston OG for sale
  13. RVPD Lt.

    Smoove Black Poetz Oakland tape only for sale

    I came across one copy of this dope and really rare tape from Oakland, it is still sealed, so hit me up if you are interested. I ll provide photos upon request.
  14. RVPD Lt.

    P Water "Lake Of Fire" price ?

    I am considering getting rid of this great CD. It's in like new condition. How much do you think that it could go for ??
  15. RVPD Lt.


    I have 2 tapes and 2 cds in here that I dont need anymore, if you are interested in any, shoot me an offer in PM or on [email protected] shipping is $ 6 anywhere in the world. Amas tape 1998 Detroit, MI 10 tracks I believe it is tape only Black Cosanostra 1996 Detroit, MI 6 tracks never...
  16. RVPD Lt.

    Rapsta - SuperStar Of The Ghetto CD for sale

    Its practically brand new just unsealed, OG press. Shoot me an offer via PM.
  17. RVPD Lt.

    Black 9 [2011 INTERVIEW]
  18. RVPD Lt.

    Tape for trade/sell

    I came across this tape, I have never heard of it before, it came out in 97 some local Fort Wayne, IN stuff, anyway its super dope if anybody is interested, then shoot me an offer through PM. I would prefer trade for another OG tape.. if anybody would like to hear samples or see...
  19. RVPD Lt.

    Rare CDs for sell (Lil Fly, Bosha, Playa Ju....)

    I have few CDs for sell here, so if you are interested any shoot me an offer through PM also feel free to get to me for further info about the cds. All CDs plays fine, on some of them are light scratches which dont affect the play, unfortunately on some of em post fucked up cases so I ll put...
  20. RVPD Lt.

    Some CDs for sell (Most of em still sealed)

    Here are few CDs for sell, I would like to avoid putting them on ebay because of high fees, most of the CDs are still sealed. Feel free to contact me for more information. If you are interested in any hit me up in PM. SNIPPET of Rasean DivShare File - rasean.mp3