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  1. SC_408

    Cuddy ft Lil Dee, A-wax, Shadow & Megan - The Yoc

    Cuddy can't rap for shit, but he seems like a cool dude, lol
  2. SC_408


    Lol wtf is wrong witj this dude.. Potions???
  3. SC_408

    $tupid Young feat Mozzy "Mando"

    Surprised I didn't see this track posted. This dude is a Cambodian from Long Beach and got Mozzy on it. It's hella dope. YcSIurVQcRs
  4. SC_408

    louie loc

    Did he just get released from prison or some shit? I see him posting up everywhere on IG dropping new tracks, features, etc outta nowhere.
  5. SC_408

    Big Tone a barber now? Lol

    Good to see a sicc breh on Big Tones IG haha
  6. SC_408

    Never forget lol (shy baller diss)

    LMAO---funny thing is, I actually bumped this track a few weeks back,lol. Brought back a lot of good Siccness memories on here
  7. SC_408

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    Man, I'm at that phase again where I am watching WWE again, lol. NXT has been the shit lately it seems, Nakamura and Bobby Roode are the shit on it
  8. SC_408

    Club Pulse in Orlando....

    ^^I thought it was a mistake, but damn, 50 people? Hella sad. RIP to those all
  9. SC_408

    Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders

    Watch Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders (2015) online - Movies4you
  10. SC_408

    All Eyez On Me (2pac biopic)

    Anyone else pretty hyped up? I am, but I have a feeling it might let me down...hopefully I get proven wrong though. Should be coming out by end of the year. Check Out the Cast of Tupac Shakur’s Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ «
  11. SC_408

    Stitches wants to fight *YOU* for $10,000.

    I like how there's no real selection process, and they will probably pick some scrawny ass 18 yr old kid to fight him.
  12. SC_408

    Anybody got these CD's they wanna sell?

    It's not so much of using the actual CD, I just want to revive my lost collection, lol. With music nowadays, I can't believe I didn't take care of those CD's I listed, because music like that just makes me miss the golden age of that underground 408 music. I'm also trying to find most of my...
  13. SC_408

    Anybody got these CD's they wanna sell?

    For some reason, I can't seem to find any of these albums around my place anymore, so if you got em, lemme know - "Portrait of a Criminal" Criminal Records compilation "West Coast Killaz" Scrilla Mac, Blac, Traficante "Killa Sharks compilation. Vol 1" "Game Recomp" Fada J Let me know, brehs
  14. SC_408


    Good shit Krow
  15. SC_408

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    Crazy, R.I.P!
  16. SC_408


    The last few pages of this thread are hilarious @S.SAVAGE. Kind of reminds me of a thread a few (or more) years back about how people on here were wondering how Tito B was able to play Call of Duty, if he's missing his fingers and some shit. Some dudes were getting butt hurt here about that lmao.
  17. SC_408

    what happened to mrtonguetwista?

    MTT seems cool to me as well. I miss reading his news threads
  18. SC_408

    Dead End Names For Rappers

    Fat Steve, any rap name with "Fat".
  19. SC_408

    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    How can I forget about Dos XX. Mr. 21 was hella dope.