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    what are the best rNb cd's

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    what are the best rNb cd's

    rite on glad u like it man! :siccness:
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    what are the best rNb cd's
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    what are the best rNb cd's

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    what are the best rNb cd's

    i'ma big fan of this album. i've been recommending a lot to peoppl lately LOL...static is on 10 of the 17 songs. mostly on background vocals. wrote a lot of the songs too. also features aaliyah. & 2 songs produced by jazze pha. couple by budda. y'all know who budda is? same producer that did...
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    what are the best rNb cd's

    yea i wouldn't ever buy no tickets to no jdc show! LOL. cuz u don't know if they gonna be there or not???..i've had online friends fly from the u.k. & canada to a show in vegas one yr. & they did that no show bull crap! LOL...they did do a show in cali tho. but i don't think they all showed up...
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    what are the best rNb cd's

    mr. dal throwback classic reissue :cool:
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    what are the best rNb cd's

    lol..i got a lot of jdc stuff. my jodeci collection is gotta be one of the best worldwide top 5 guesstimation music-wise. just to give u an idea :cool: devante def gots stuff in the vault!! this rite here is super-duper rare one of my prize possessions! i won't share it tho! LOL.....i gotta...
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    what are the best rNb cd's

    fo sho, enjoy! share wit family & friends. on & offline. & be sure to pick up 'suppertime' whenever that drops?? & his my version i made for static if u haven't pick it up yet! Bonus Track- Pleasure_P___Static_Major_-_Patience.mp3 Bonus Track- Radio Edit.mp3 majorwaygd5.jpg staticbackbp3.jpg...
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    what are the best rNb cd's

    jodeci album been done they just need to drop it which is wat the problem is LOL...i sick of the talk once i see it for sale then i'm good LOL.....i don't really know wasup wit them guys??? they don't tell the fans nothing. or even they friends LOL... here's the mixtape y'all enjoy! there sum...
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    what are the best rNb cd's

    static major mixtape comin soon! :siccness: check out the video :)
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    unsign hype saafir ice cube 1990 source
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    ANY QUESTIONS 4 RAY LUV?? if u guys have any questions for ray this the time to ask
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    yo i found this but jay don't even have this up on his myspace. wasup? :confused: i posted on my myspace, dailymotion, & youtube.
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    askari x return of rickey murdork still sealed also have agerman tried by fired cd
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    KCI of JODECI/KCI JOJO new album out!! pick it up!

    1. My Book Prelude 2. My Book 3. It's All Love Feat.KansasCali 4. Conversation 5. Thug By Heart Feat.Layzie Bone 6. Ghetto Woman 7. Woman's Gotta Have It 8. I Apologize 9. Much Too Soon Feat.Al B Sure!,&Aaron Hall 10. What Else Can I Do 11. Limousine 12. Baby I'm Back 13...
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    JODECI PERFORMING APOLLO & SOUL TRAIN how do u want it haileys wit 2pac
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    Bavgate & Yukmouth - The Realest