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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    King of Hallucination is posted in the link above you can get both of Sandmans albums in the music discussion section of the bone board. Click the link Go to the post where he quotes the guy.. about the album then you'll see the links to...
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    May 17th, Esham/Bone Thugz in Wichita, KS

    Its all about Bone Thugs and Sandman and Tech N9ne!
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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    See? What did i tell ya'll? Ya'll really need to go to that link i posted up there and download his new album "The King of Hallucination" then you will see what im talking about. PEEP that album, then if you still think he ain't that tight... come hit up the thread. YOu gotta hear him to...
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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    Yeah But sandman is tight he kinda does sound like bone, But he come wicked on tha mic... with some dark shit. He the only solo rapper still doing the dark evil shit.... Bone Solo Albums ain't evil or dark anymore. Sandman is like Bone in the East 99 days, But the music he makes now has the East...
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    Oh im sorry Slide i think i was drunk or somthing when i said that shit, My mistake... Doe or Die is not really boen wanna bes. I like Deadly Elements also. Yeah sorry about that... i did contardict myself when i said that.
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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    Ok well all i can say if yall NEED to hear Sandman I mean if i got Peeps that actually HEARD sandman the votes would be a lot different... well since yall dont beleive me. Check sandman's whole album out here.. you can download the Mp3's The album is called King of Hallucination...
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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    Ok cool thanks for voting! But can i ask ya'll have yall heard sandman? I mean i guess his stuff is hard to find but he is tight! I mean you gotta hear him to know what im saying. But i guess Twista has way more fame than Sandman. Ok yall keep the votes coming.:classic:
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    Trajik, Below Zero, Heiruspecs, and Palmeroy!

    Tragic is tight im feelin his shit.
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    post audio of fast rappers....

    PEEP Deadly Elements! Ill get the link in here later..... Also Sandman is raw! Check him out as well! peace. Ill get link to both of these rappers music very soon.
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    Buick City Gangsta EP out now.

    IM feelin Fast Devil Shit, Fast Harmonized, then East Coast , Then Club comes last... Ok cool man.. keep us updated on the single and album... Im always looking for some new fast shit... peace.
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    Buick City Gangsta EP out now.

    If you rap fast im gonna have to check you're music out when it comes out.
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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    LOL cool... man Thanks for actually replying and voting! Ok well if you haven;t heard Sandman you should check him out! its hard to find his music...but..nite i got hooked up with his whole album on mp3. If you want i can PM you with the link so you can check it out. Ok cool so now we have...
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    spam forum

    Its mostly Mid west rapper Advertising thier albums. But that is what this Forum is for. Doing Business.
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    my midwest cd collection

    Nice Collection.
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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    Ok then i guess Sandman wins! 1-0 votes. Come on one of you has to have an opinion on this. VOTE!
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    Buick City Gangsta EP out now.

    Tight shit yo... You know im gonna buy that shit.
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    SANDMAN VS TWSITA! Whos Tighter?

    Come on Guys VOTE!
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    Young Droop is tight!

    Young Droop is tight. I got a few of his songs. can Anybody tell me what are some of his best albums to buy..?
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    SoundCard Question?

    Can anyone tell me some of the BEST soundcard i can get to record Vocals on my PC? if you could tell me that would be great. Thanks
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    new beat

    tight beat.