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    I refuse to BE A STATISTIC!!!!

    I said that in High School, and Now I'm living sort of Solo, Feeding off Cup a Noodles, Top Ramen, Ham, Mayonaise, Bread, Eggs, Water, Cold Water/Hot Water, Cold water on days I actually buy Ice =(
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    Is there a particular time you wake up?

    For some Odd Reason, I always wake up a few minutes either Before 7, or a few minutes before 8. And I can't go back to sleep, regardless what time I go to sleep, I wake up around those times.
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    Hotmail, No Inbox?!

    You don't have an inbox...yet Sign up for Windows Live Hotmail and get a free, customizable inbox with lots of storage and great security. Note: Whether you use Hotmail or not, you can always go to your contact list. all I get is this?! What the Heck?! I've had my email account for a long time
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    Is there a drinking thread?

    Man when life gets roughf, you tryu dto do your best, not to do anything that will make you do natthing stupid!!!1 what are you drinking right now? Cause I aint drank in 2 year or 1 yeatr, So today too mucg stress getin to me mam! what you drinkin homis?
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    Any Insomniacs in here?

    Last 2 days, Only gotten 3 Hours of Sleep, The Last Two Weeks prior to this week, in the total of 14 days, I got about 30 hours of sleep or less. In a 2 week span, what's the least amount of hours you've slept?
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    Yes I used the Search Engine, no Help, PS3 wireless Help

    Man, So I'm pretty much still a nube when it comes to the new Gen systems. I got a 60 GB PS3 and I wanna connect to the internet. I don't know if the 60 GB PS3 makes any difference, assuming that it doesn't. I got a Netgear Wireless router if that Helps. Shoot and when I find an internet...
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    Kinda Late on the New Gen Systems but...

    Barely Got me a PS3 60GB, Got a 32 Inch Flat Screen, and planning to buy the HDMI CABLES. They got em selling for 50-100 bucks! I'm like WT*?! LOL, but I go on places like ebay and their selling what seems to be the same HDMI cable for 5-20 Bucks. Is there any Difference? Any Strong...
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    20th Century, Message of the Hour
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    A Famine is Coming

    Amos 8:11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD: Brothers and Heathens, here we come.......
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    Pascal's Wager

    You live as though God exists. If God exists, you go to heaven: your gain is infinite. If God does not exist, you gain nothing & lose nothing. You live as though God does not exist. If God exists, you go to hell: your loss is infinite. If God does not exist, you gain nothing & lose nothing...
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    Poll:How many of You Were once Believers in a Higher Diety, but no longer Are?

    Well how many of You were once Believer in some form of Deity, whether Jesus Christ or Allah etc. Then no longer believe in it?
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    The Bible Inspired by God? NO WAY!

    Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God? by Jason Carlson and Ron Carlson During a question and answer session at a recent speaking engagement, a university student asked me, “Why do you believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God?” Now this is a very interesting question; and probably one...
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    Hell is not Infinite Torture

    Contrary to popular belief and Orthodoxy, Hell is not a place of Infinite Torture. IT was a plot to scare folks into believing in the Christian God, but to Believe in JESUS CHRIST in YHWH is to believe out of Love and true adoration. I'll get into more detail, I haven't been getting much sleep...
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    A List of things that happen to "friends and associates of" Hilary Clinton

    More food for the conspiracy theorists, and although there is no source, I will provide one. I got this as part of a chain mail. Just a quick refresher course lest we forget what has happened to many "friends" of the Clinton's 1-James McDougal - Clinton 's convicted Whitewater partner died of...
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    Food 4 Less or Albertsons

    You homies know that Food 4 Less is a Nor Cal Food company. Albertson's is from the south. Albertson was established in a few cities like Daly City, but never really got to set us shop. Feel me? But Food 4 Less be way established in So Cal, Anaheim, LA. So what you homies think about this...
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    Your Young MLB Starting Rotation?

    who would be your Top 5? Those who are slowly establishing themselves, Brandon Webb, Jake Peavy, and Justin Verlander no longer count, LOL! They have established themselves Matt Cain Tim Lincecum Cole Hamels Carmona of the Indians Chad Billinsley(He's a bum but I don't care)
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    Serpent Seed, Seed of Satan, ORIGINAL SIN

    serpent seed I've known this for quite some time, I actually believe this, it's a very controversial subject, highly rejected by orthodoxy. But Enjoy, for an early preview, it talks about Original Sin. Notice how Jesus needed to have a virgin birth because he was suppose to the born out of...
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    Rabbi's Warn YOUR FRIEND George Bush

    SOURCE Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring destruction to US Group of right-wing rabbis writes open letter to US president demanding he cancel Annapolis summit or risk provoking 'wrath of the almighty.' Rabbis assert Katrina disaster a result of America's support of 2005 disengagement, say...
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    Are there any Siccness Member that don't listen to rap?

    Well are there, I think it would be pretty ironic for a person to be on a "gangsta rap site" and not listen to rap. Just wondering if there are any that don't.
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    Source Deactivated tackle Harris bracing for possible trade By Matthew Barrows - Bee Staff Writer Published 12:00 am PDT Thursday, September 13, 2007 Story appeared in SPORTS section, Page C8 SANTA CLARA -- Tackle Kwame Harris said Wednesday he is mentally preparing for playing in a different...