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    Need Help With Trojan Horse Virus!!!

    I used one of those free scans and detected the TROJAN HORSE VIRUS, the free scans only identify the virus but dont destroy it, all these sites charge $24.99 anybody know of a free fix it site??? THX in advance.
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    Yet another hostage beheaded in IRAQ

    Georgi Lazov of Bulgaria has been beheaded by the same group (Tahid wal Jihad) that beheaded Nick Berg and Kim Sun-Il. I am sure the video will be out in a matter of hours ( even though I don't care to view them) I applaud and congratulate the Philippines government for trying to pull their...
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    Anybody collect COMIC BOOKS???

    Yes I know I'm a nerd, just curious anybody collect??? I got mad old Iron Man's X-Men's and Spider Man's
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    If I get one more piece of Anti-Abortion mail I WILL FLIP!!!

    Today I go out to my mailbox and bring the mail inside to read while I eat my cereal. (an everyday tradition) All the sudden I see dismembered bloody fetuses all over this postcard, I almost choke on my cereal making me want to throw up. I flip it over and it says in bold black print DO YOU...
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    What news network do you watch???

    Even though I am Liberal I find myself watching alot of FOX news, O'Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes. I disagree with O'Reilly alot but he does make some good points, He claims to be independent but almost all the points he makes are conservative except for a few. I would personally...
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    Does anybody have a vast knowledge of Al-Qaeda???

    I am doing a report of known locations of Al-Qaeda around the world Please add city and country if you know of current Al_Qaeda operations happening in that location. THX in advance
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    SIMPLE POLL: Are you Liberal? Are you Conservative? Or are you an Independent

    Just trying to get a idea of the political beliefs in this forum
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    Does anybody come sicc with the Graffiti???

    I'm lookin to get my 3 Initilas (ACG) tatted on my upper right arm.........Can any of yall cats come sicc with the graffiti??? Cuz If yall can I will probly take it to my tat artist and have him go from there What I'm looking for: My 3 Initials in readible Graffiti (ACG) Sicc texture and...
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    Just got a PS2 what games do yall suggjest???

    I spent most of my loot on the ps2 so I'm lookin to get the greatest hits titlles that are only $19.99 each......What games do yall suggjest??? So far I've seen: State of Emergency NBA Street Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty Tekken Tag Any other games I should swoop????
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    I am looking to get a PS2 so I am getting rid of my x-box and accessories X-Box Console in perfect workin condition (barely played it) 2 Controllers- Regular black controller and a green interact controller DVD playback kit with remote NHL Hitz 2002 Fuzion Frenzy Street Hoops Project...
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    Ecay Uno- ''Life or Death''

    Once again Ecay has dropped a bombshell.......... I never thought he could beat ''Piccin Up the Pieces'' but this tracc has done it..........This album no doubt has to be the most anticipated album releases for 2003 in my book...........What yall think of this tracc and Ecay period. ''Like...
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    NIT Bracket

    Can anyone post up a NCAA NIT Bracket.........I already got the NCAA 64 bracket........But my squad Wichita State made the NIT's and I need you see who they play
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    Whats Craccin on that new BG??

    Is this shit heat?
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    Wichita Cats!!!!!!!!!

    The only radio station that really plays hip-hop is Power 93.9............There are hella clubs that play hip hop also but hell if I know the names I aint old enough to get in them bitches........Club Paradise is a hip-hop club but it's preety ghetto if you go there make sure to sneak a knife in...
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    This freestyle really shows how BIG L was truly ahead of his time.........Alot of cats wish they could come sicc as this writtin..........This freestyle was done in 95........The lyrics from BIG L could be spit to this day and still be HEAT
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    My Wichita State upsets #12th Ranked Creighton

    Give it up for my squad yall we did our thizzle tonight..........Nothin like see'n the arena go mad crazy......Student section rushin the court..........80-74...............Catch the highlights on sportscenter
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    Eminem,Obie Trice,DMX-Diss tracc twards Benzino and Ja Rule 4th tracc down............Peep it I thought eminem spits were pretty sicc.......Beat was coo to
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    Turk says fucc CASH MONEY-Peep the diss tracc Peep the diss yall........Turk lets loose............I aint a big fan of Cash Money but I am gonna cop the new B.G. coming out this month.........Probly cop Lil Turk cd too.........I like them cats for the fact the usually aint talk bout...
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    Everybody represent they college hoop team in they SIGS......PEEP POST!!!

    Lets see what kinda college fan we got in this forum lets see in ya sig what ya team is doin
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    Anybody Like Small College Basketball???

    We all know about the Duke's and the North Carolina's..........But does anybody like small college ball..........Confrences alot of people have never heard of???......I am a big Wichita St. basketball fan I attend all there home games.......They play in the Missouri Valley Confrence: home of #13...