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  1. Heated Mane


    damn.. how do you get knocked out fighting when theres 10 dudes fuckin?
  2. Heated Mane


    mistahfab and mustard both sayin just let the shit go already in they tweets
  3. Heated Mane

    Incision's mom wants my penis in and around her mouth

    lmao. @Masked Lemon - tell her you gonna send her some freaky pics for some in exchange. send her that pic dude posted of that lemon lookin cock and balls.
  4. Heated Mane

    Chris Brown

    that girl would get worked harder than Solomon Northup for sure..
  5. Heated Mane

    Chris Brown

    shout out to breezy for makin an example outta hoes who dont keep theyre hands to themselves. but to hell with the thread.. where can i check out more pics of ol girl here? VVVVVVV
  6. Heated Mane

    Starlito & Grind Hard

    ^ haha. hows the album though?
  7. Heated Mane

    lil wyte lord infamous mixtape? album?

    just heard a track called 187 invitation thats said to be off a lord infamous/lil wyte mixtape.. anyone have any info about this? some lookin around says theres suppose to be a tape and a album commin from the both of them together around halloween. also saw somethin sayin a new hcp backed lord...
  8. Heated Mane

    weezy - sorry 4 the wait

    didnt see another thread so fuck it. shits pretty coo. got a few tracks im not feelin but shits coo. released it free today.
  9. Heated Mane

    a tale of 2 andres

    damn my boy gave me this a few weeks ago and i been listenin to this nonestop.. andre nickatina and mac dre a tale of two andres thoughts?
  10. Heated Mane

    FUCK the h1n1 vaccine..

    yeah.. FUCK that shit. cEN5KGwNGeo
  11. Heated Mane


    LMAO.. mmmhmm. MMMHMM. mmhmm. MMMMHMM!! S_IERF7zyEE
  12. Heated Mane

    wack but i cant stop listenin to it..

    who cares.. i cant stop listening to the remix of obsessed that mariah did with gucci. its catchy as fuck. GO GUCCI
  13. Heated Mane

    eminem or lil wyte?

    who you think makes the better slap? i mean i know em is established but thats not what im sayin. alot of eminem shit is coo but wyte always has that heat. granted three 6 is backin him but dre is backin em so.. ?
  14. Heated Mane

    lil flip - certified

    this shits nice. who else heard it?
  15. Heated Mane

    mr mar - me so fly 2008

    i just heard of dude and grabbed this album. anyone else heard of him? what you think? i think shits pretty good. he got 8ball and mjg. kingpin skinny pimp and a few others on this album. one of the tracks.. mr mar feat moleone - me so fly
  16. Heated Mane

    washington square

    damn i was at washington square today doin some christmas shopping.. fuck man there was some chicks that had their titties poppin right out they turtlenecks. shit was nice. also went and ate at cheesecake factory there after and damn.. this chick there was eyein hardcore. she left not to long...
  17. Heated Mane

    yung redd

    anyone know or have any info about dead presidents? eviction notice was hot and dude is real coo. he said on there before christmas 08 but i doubt thats happenin. thanks in advance.
  18. Heated Mane

    ya boy in motorcycle accident?

    my boy just hit me up on the instant messanger and quoted me this from anyone heard this or know where to find some more info?
  19. Heated Mane

    jump fresh klick

    anyone heard of them? they got a mixtape out called first impression. heard the song rockaway. thought it was pretty dope. anyone got any links to the mxitape?