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    2010 and prior Members

    i never posted much back in the day but i always read allt he shit posed on here, so im familiar with a lot of names, i check in here every so often. glad there is still some activity.
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    krizz kaliko, in oklahoma

    anyone got any info on this, i saw it was on a wednesday, but cant find any other info, got a few homies who can go to it wit me and its on one of my days off. so any info is much appreciated... and who is also performing?
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    ot: dl new chamillionaire - mixtape messiah 2

    you can download it for free at jus lettin you koopa fans know if you didnt
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    ot: n e one goin to bone thugs in wichita

    if not i will quietly delete this thread and pretend it never happend .. but i might go hit still 50 50
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    new tour dates

    anyone notice the new tour dates or have they been posted.. ill def be at the june 23rd show in wichita
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    Strange Music Logo lookalike

    is it me or does taht shirt logo for some label called silent records look alot like the snake and the bat logo lol this may be pointless but im bored and saw that on a hip hop site....
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    with dick riding and car stickers this is my opinion

    alright.. i jus got home from a long night of partying and i got some shit to say .. first off with all this talk about dickriding and what not... me personally.. everyday i wear a tech n9ne hat and in the winter i wear a strange music coat.... but the way i see it.... its like wearing a hat...
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    post about tech from d12world

    d12world post bout tech n9ne being satanic Proof of Tech N9NE's Satanism Here is the proof of Tech's reverse of Tormented of Anghellic He starts the song with: "Saaaaaaaa-TAAAAN" and repeatedly says it...
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    red necro

    i just listened to that red necro track.. its tight... deff a diff type of song topic...what yall think of it if u heard it yet
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    room raiders t9

    aye its 4 a.m. i was laying in bed and watchin room raiders.....its the episode with ciara.....welll the last room in the back ground im prettty sure i seen a tech n9ne absolute power poster wasnt huge but it stuck out to me.....anyone else see this...
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    Wichita wednesday

    hey whos all goin to this concert.. im comin with some friends....does n e one know whose gonna be there besides the strange fam...lastime i went to a wichita concert bg was there hobo tone..x dash.. mr.. bilistic.. i think empire is sposed to be tehre this time if im not mistaken.. jus n e info...
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    OT: What Midwest rappers do u listen too

    i live in oklahoma but i cant get it round here,i live on the other side of the state from tulsa in the panhandle
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    OT: What Midwest rappers do u listen too

    where can i find sandman and some in fo on OKC: Nitro and Buccett Loc
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    hobo tone

    i bought hobo la virus at a tech concert a while back and me and my friends really like it. but i was wonderin if he had any other shit oout b4 that or sense then.
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    tech n9ne - bianczone

    ne one got this song or heard it?
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    august 1st

    anyone know anything bout the show in wichita, like when the tickets go onsale n plannen on goin again
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    jackin 2k

    ive read ppl talkin bout this song on here but i aint cant find it, can someone hook me up aol - BigRuizHKR