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    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    A lot of you guys take your tryin to be hood shit too far. The man produces music and gets paid for it. Rick Ross paid him a fairly large sum of money (I assume) and he accepted it. If you'd turn down an oppertunity to make that kind of money and get recognized you are half retarded
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    @137757 is like the hood version of to catch a predator. Wait for you to come to his door and have the popo swarm you
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    Birdman of Cash Money going into debt

    Rich people know all the tricks to never be broke. They turn themselves into a corporation and then file bankruptcy because they are personally "broke" because all their money is in their corporation which is considered a separate entity from their self so it's untouchable. or some shit like that
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    ‘dinosaur-like monster with fangs’ washed up on beach

    Better use a masterball, its a rare for sure
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    Pooh sauce made a diss on him the video is on you tube, and it's pretty damn funny
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    It'll be funny as hell when Tay catches one of the siccnesss goons slippin in public somewhere. And real shit @TAY CAPONE1 is the most improved siccnesss user, not taking shit so serious is a good thing
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    I need ideas from y'all ?

    I would love to hear an album of all funk samples late 70's early 80's. Rick James, gap band, bootsie collins @djfresh. Then send me my cut of the money because it will go gold atleast
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    Is that really him? He looks like a straight knock 100%
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    Robin Williams found dead

    A friend of a friend just commit suicide. I feel like people will use his situation to justify offing themselves. So don't be surprised if there's a spike in the suicide rate this year
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    Robin Williams found dead

    I have done coke, and I used my average mental strength to control myself lol
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    Robin Williams found dead

    Money sure did cure HIV for magic Johnson though. To me happiness is a choice, I wake up everyday and decide I'm going to have a good day. Some people are just too weak mentally to realize that, and then they'll make it sound like it's out of their power to be happy. Find out what fills your...
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    Lmfao heart pumps Mountain Dew. That's fuckin great
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    Robin Williams found dead

    Jeez you act like he starred in a film as ash ketchum
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    Robin Williams found dead

    Hook was dope. One of my favorites as a kid
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    Robin Williams found dead

    Watch out it's the siccness crime stoppers. 1800 get the fuck outta here. Since when can't you make a joke on here. Look at my number of years and number of post and see if there's a reason robo cop
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    Robin Williams found dead

    I don't understand depression at all. It was just a joke really, maybe distasteful in some peoples eyes. In the end robin would just be happy a couple of us are laughing at him. I sure couldn't find a laugh in any of his stand up comedy
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    Robin Williams found dead

    Do I get a trophy? I don't feel sorry for anyone selfish enough to take their own life. He was probably sad his career was over and wanted just 15 more seconds of fame
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    Robin Williams found dead

    He suffered from WSAS aka White successful and sad disorder. I can't believe how many of these people have all that anyone could wish for and still can't be happy.
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    Robin Williams found dead

    R.I.P jack the man boy