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    Grewsum: DarkFlow 2.0 COVER & TRACKLIST

    what type of stores is will the album b in??
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    VOTE for Bout Ta Bubble vh1's top 20

    go to. Scroll to the bottom. At the Wildcard spot, enter in Band Name: TECH N9NE Song Name: BOUT TA BUBBLE Then press ADD TO LIST. And drag and drop Tech at the # 1 spot. Press submit. It seems like you vote as many times as...
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    Tech N9ne sales in NYC

    wut it is? Just thought i'd give ya something to read other than the regular shit. Went to New York City the other week.....drove up in Brooklyn and stopped at the 1st music store we came to. Was lookin for some mixtapes. Don't remember the name but it looked like a mom & pop shop. Took a...
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    SouthwestBound --Native Issue

    Props on the info. Good shit!
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    REGIME mixtape "All Out War" (Yuk, Tech, Gonzoe, more)

    Check this: THE REGIME MIXTAPE 'All Out War' will be in the streetz real soon, the mixtape will feature Gameova Pt I & II and will also feature the Gameova II music video. The mixtape will feature artists such as; YUKMOUTH, TECH N9NE, GONZOE, KENNY KINGPEN, AMP-PACINO, YOUNG SKRILLA, MONSTA...
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    Strange Music in RIME MAG

    Did anyone else see this shit? I was lookin for the UGA2 yesterday, didn't have it so checked out the mags. Seen Tech N9ne's name on the cover of this magzine called RIME. It was a nice write up about Strange Music and there artists it covered tech, kutt, and S&S.....some good shit. I...
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    Kanye dissin RasKass and Nas???

    Yep thats what I was saying: Kanye can't even get at Nas. I won't mind hear nas rip the dude up over one of his beats (Get Em High), haha....
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    Kanye dissin RasKass and Nas???

    yup, thats probably why you don't too many freestyles from Tech. Yeah, got that murder dog too. I have not heard much of ras, got that one album (can't remember the name). Other than that I haven't heard much from ras (he aint got nothing out).....thats why I said post some audio. Reup, I...
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    Kutt's album release party?

    Hey whats up? I am new here. Don't know if you ppl discussed it already but I was tryn to get info on Kutts album release party? Anyone know about it? place, time, strippers, all that stuff....?
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    Kanye dissin RasKass and Nas???

    Nuttkase, I ain't got much for freestyles on Tech, mostly just got his albums (otherwise I'd post some). Hey man you should post some exclusives or tell me where to find some on Ras. I know the boy is tight but I only heard that one album from him and some of his re up. I would had copped...
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    Kanye dissin RasKass and Nas???

    Hell yeah, my boy Tech, Tech Tech N9ne. Ras has how many albums out? Ras's last album didn't even drop did it? And you want to draw conclusions from a small amount of information.... But yeah, that was just my 2 cents about Tech.
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    Denver, CO?

    I ain't from Dever....BUt shit, Denver is just across the praire from KC. Also Denver is not in the mountains its still down on the prairie. If that helps anyone. I bought I cd off this dude in the street a couple of years ago....kbezz??? Anyone, ever hear of him? Hey, EDJ email that song?
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    Kanye dissin RasKass and Nas???

    If I had a million I would put it on Tech over rass. Kanye dissin Nas, I like to hear him try. None of dudes flows are even hard.