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  1. youngMacJ

    3 dago cats you would like to see on the same track?

    mitchy jayo 12g. Who you got?
  2. youngMacJ

    12 guage Feat. J-diggz???????

    "Ima Pimp" any yall know when/what cd or mixtape this will drop on?
  3. youngMacJ

    12 g feat. J-diggz "im a pimp"

    anyone no what cd this shits on?
  4. youngMacJ

    B-stone & 12g?

    I heard they were coming out with a cd together called "CO-Defendants" anyone no whats up with this project?
  5. youngMacJ

    R.I.P Derrion Albert..this shits gotta stop

    Dont no if yall saw this video or not. But this shit is terrible man. Raw footage of this kid (darrion albert) being straight beat to death in a appearant gang fight in chicago. Kid wasnt even part of a gang he was actually a honor roll student.... My condolences go out to this young mans...
  6. youngMacJ

    If you had to sum DAGO up with one song?

    If you had to sum up san diego with one theme song what would it be? Ima have to go with the classic sd banger "yeah dat" mitchy slick feat. damu and don diego off slicks trigg station cd.
  7. youngMacJ

    New Snoop "Thats the homie"

    Yall heard it? i think its smashin. Beat kinda sounds like " pop bottles"
  8. youngMacJ

    Texas G-shit?

    Whats good yall. Jus moved out to dallas from san diego. Whats some good gangsta ass shit i should check out? not no radio friendly shit
  9. youngMacJ

    Ludacris 2night @ On Broadway?

    Think ludas goin be at on broadway tonight. Im not sure if hes preforming though. anyone know wats up?
  10. youngMacJ

    snoop dog Tomorrow night

    Anyone goin to the SNOOP DOG/311 concert tomorrow night? its at the cricket wireless theather. I heard tixs are super cheap. Should be alot of chronic smoke n the air
  11. youngMacJ

    12g "cant stop bussin"

    Saw 12g outside of the yukmouth/nickatina concert and he kicked me down a "cant stop bussin" mixtape been tryin to order that bitch off siccness for a minute! that Shit knocks! he gets off on some hard ass beats. 7blunts is my favorite. Watd yall think?
  12. youngMacJ

    "High & Faded" ?????

    Anyone heard my boy Black june (RIP) from 59s track "High and faded"??.."get high and faded, get fucked up roll it up and blaze it. Me and my niggas stay high and faded got yo bitch at the party gettin real x-rated" Its Black june, smokey mac and black jesse i think. My dude june get off but...
  13. youngMacJ

    New GrimmieWreck SHOW

    So wat did yall think about the new GWTV epi?
  14. youngMacJ

    watever happen 2 Mac Minister?

    i know he got caught up. Anyone got new info on da case?
  15. youngMacJ


    DJ needed for JUNE 16th. Anyone out there looking for some DJ exposure please get at me. My names james and i play in a local san diego band called FOURKINGS ( It will be us and another band some good friends of ours called sandollar. Its a joint birthday bash...
  16. youngMacJ

    New Mitchy

    "Coldest nigga out"...Bangin! "one blood remix"...burnin up your block. Keep doin your thing Mitch. Fuck all these buster ass haters and get money son! All i ask pimp, dont forget the homeland SD 619. Much respect