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    Phonk beta's classic " the gingerbread man "?

    Can someone please upload this classic?.....I've got it on older cd's but my only player is down. I don't have it digitally.
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    Daily Siccmade Muzicc

    LV....u the man!!...can't wait!....any rare shit from sicx?...loki?...beta?
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    Daily Siccmade Muzicc that track uploaded somewhere already?!....I don't know how to thank you!....I've been looking for that shit forever!
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    Daily Siccmade Muzicc

    No man......I don't. I never heard it on ANY lynch album...or side project. I downloaded it back in the late 90's....and transferred it to cassette that's how long ago it was.
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    Daily Siccmade Muzicc

    I know this post was created 10 plus years ago.....but I've always been looking for an old track by lynch and zigg zagg.....chorus was something like "venom and virus"....late 90's ..early 2000's I think.