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  1. psycko

    For you Pill Poppin Pacifier Suckin Party People! Trance mix!

    lol these songs are like a decade old. cool mix though...
  2. psycko

    Through the Quad and into the Gymnasium!

  3. psycko

    In Their Own Words: Bill Walsh

    Good documentary about Bill Walsh and how he coached the 49ers into greatness. Love him or hate him, you got to respect what he did to the game of football. Watch it even if you're not a 49er fan. 38:01 "If I became emotional...
  4. psycko

    POst up funny videos plz

    I remember there being a vital thread of funny videos posted. Lets bring it back siccness.
  5. psycko

    L.A. bound

    What's the siccness recommendation on what to do down there? Me and some friends are heading down there for Spring Break/Magic Mountain. Then we'll be checking out L.A. the next day. Any major food spots/clubs/stores/sites worth checking out?
  6. psycko


    LOL imagine the photoshoot... Photographer: "Alright Bern just hold that pose for 10 more seconds and you got yourself an album cover!"
  7. psycko

    UFC Undisputed vs. Fight Night Round 4

    Now I'm a fan of both sports, leaning more on boxing since I've watched it my whole life. I've played the UFC game and it seems to be a lot more fun when playing multiplayer. I've only played the Fight Night demo, but from I'm hearing from a lot of people is that this game is just unplayable...
  8. psycko

    Clyde Carson Thread

    Wait a minute... an EP got pushed back AGAIN?
  9. psycko

    Greatest Producers of All Time?

    Notice producers is plural, because there is definitely more than one. Who makes your list? EDIT: WHILE YOU'RE AT IT GO AHEAD AND POST UP WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS THEIR BEST TRACK.
  10. psycko

    Anyone going to ETD Pop tomorrow?

    The biggest rave festival in SF is tomorrow. Paul Van Dyk headlining. Anyone get there tickets?
  11. psycko

    This pic reminds me of the siccness...

  12. psycko

    Xbox 360: How long did the repair take?

    I've been having the red ring of death on my 360 for about 3 months now. I've been doing the "towel overheating" every 3-4 days. Now I just want to ship it to Texas for a free repair. How long were you without your xbox for repairs?
  13. psycko

    Will there ever be as great as an entertainer as "The Great One?"

    Im watching some of his funniest moment clips on youtube and that guy was straight comedy on the mic. I really don't think anyone will ever achieve the same mic skills as The Rock.
  14. psycko

    Anyone ever been a waiter?

    How is it? Im thinking about becoming one at this one restaurant. Seems pretty chill despite the late hours you have to work sometimes. The tips would come in handy too.
  15. psycko

    Favorite Zeppelin song?

    Fool in the Rain D'yer Maker Stairway to Heaven The Ocean Moby Dick Whole lotta love
  16. psycko

    Livewire Da Gang - Pay Yaself or Spray Yaself

    Album is straight heat. Production is top notch especially the slaps by Maybach. This cd aint leaving my car for awhile. Stalin and Shady Nate rip about every track. Dope to hear Shock G on a track with the Livewire Gang.
  17. psycko

    Chester's Flamin Hot Fries

    I'm slowly gettin addicted to these chips. I like em way better than hot cheetos.
  18. psycko

    Slappin in the Trunk Vol.5 Featuring The Jacka

    Another great mixtape dropped by the Slappin in the Trunk team. A lot of J. Stalin, Shady Nate, and Jacka collabs which is dope cuz they are my favorite rappers in the bay as of now. This cd is gettin heavy spins in my car. A lot of great production which never dissapoints me in the S I T T...
  19. psycko

    Best in-ear headphones?

    I'm looking for some in ear headphones. My pops has the BOSE ones that sound hella clear but they fit funky. Anyone know any good ones that wont cost more than $120?
  20. psycko

    How the hell do SUVs...

    go faster than 85 on the freeway? I don't see the logic in driving that fast with gas prices so high unless you have a company car.