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    Jessica Biel Stripping in new Movie

    Jessica Biel stripping in new movie :)
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    TVT Records bankruptcy

    Don't flame me if this sounds ignorant, but how is this going to affect E-40's album, if any?
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    30 runs

    wtf, texas scored 30 runs.
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    finally a DS

    finally got my hands on one. i wanted one real bad lately but had to wait a few days. its really an underrated system/time waster. its nothing like a 360 or something but damn its fuckin fun when ur waiting or some shit. plus all DS games are free =) btw... anyone thats got one, what are some...
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    marty gone...

    so espn new just said chargers fired marty. how does everyone feel? i could care less bout the chargers.
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    A's new stadium

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    fidel castro?

    what ever happened to him?
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    Keak in SB

    he just had a concert in SB tonight. Yeah i know its free blah blah blah, but his set was 20 mins. the dj sucked major balls too. overall, too much hype. the best part was when folks were dancing and shit to songs before keak went on. I like keak as a rapper, but as a performer, it was sub-par...
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    Pirates tops box office record set by... Aquaman? This clip made my day. What a bunch of fucking idiots at msnbc. I mean seriously, aquaman from Entourage... hahahahah
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    Halo The Movie

    What do u guys think? supposedly its only about Halo 1. Its directed by Peter Jackson.
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    May 21th, E-40 in SB

    Whats goin on everyone. There's gonna be a free concert at UC Santa Barbara with E-40 headlining it. Pharcyde is gonna be there too. If ur around that area, you should come through. We need bay folks cuz these so cal white boys just aint knowin'. Oh yeah, its from 1pm to 7pm. "E-40, Pepper...
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    Giambi wins AL Comeback Player

    Giambi wins the AL Comeback player of the year. BOOOOO. Mark Ellis should have won it. He hit above .300 even though his power stats are not as good as giambi's, his defense was on point from not even playing for a whole year. BOOO
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    WTF? VH1 hip hop honors

    I was watchin VH1, when the commerical for their honors shit and they were playing background music. There were a few different songs, but one that stood out the most was Frontline's Bang it. I couldnt believe it was playing. Isnt that some shit?
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    heard a song on KMEL

    I was listening to KMEL the other day around 5pm and I heard a song with turf talk, e-40, san quinn, and I know for a fact that ZION was doing the hook. I didn't get to hear the whole thing, but does anyone know what is this song called? and since when did ZION work with these folks. Its some...
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    A's Trades

    Goodbye Bradford, Byrnes, and some prospect... Hello Jay Payton and two rockies pitchers. I dunno what to think of this. Byrnes was very exciting but extremely inconsistent and bradford hasnt played all year but are those pitchers that good? and is payton still going to be on the bench with...
  16. V

    Del at UC Berkeley....

    Del had a free concert today in the quad at UC Berkeley was sooooo sicc... he was rappin for about an hr long and had hellla freestyles in between...about 20 mins worth of freestylin' all together... Del was so hard...anybody go to it?......
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    Raiders halftime....

    Damn...that was crap...LL?? ahahaha...who decided to ask him to perform...but one thing tho...that half white and half black jersey was tight...who else is feelin' it?
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    DJ Quik- 50 ways....

    hey this song is on his new cd...the beat is just like an andre nickatina song...but does anyone know which song it is?...thanx