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  1. .223

    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    yep "rich the factor presents rushin roolet aka the black mexican benchin' bricks" long ass name
  2. .223

    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    came out in 2000 along with another album named "benchin bricks"
  3. .223

    What makes KC tight?

    ecuador huh? i went on vacation there recently... montanita. i liked it. i always wanted to go on the "Kansas City Gangster Tour" the plaza, westport, zona rosa up north, independence center, legends, all good places to see people go to a...
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    just blaze ...

    ...called this(or diff model from same company) his "secret weapon" "motion sound leslie simulator" anyone have any experience with this or similar products? used any software leslie simulators?
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    Chiefs in the Playoffs!

    Go Chiefs, knock off those colts :classic: :siccness: :siccness:
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    show DEC-1

    I believe Tech has been added to a DEC01 show in Lawrence. Its was originally yukmouth with xta-c and some others opening. forgot the venue for the moment, i'll update later
  7. .223


    can't remember but i think they got him a deal with defjam.........
  8. .223


    finally a tech/twista collab
  9. .223

    50 Mc's - Kansas City Compilation ('97)

    i remember when it came out... everyone was happy to finally see somethin somewhat local
  10. .223

    Best MidWest Rapper?

    not bad man who chopped this?
  11. .223

    is Jonny P from Chicago?

    looks like he started releasing stuff in 1990
  12. .223

    Devin the Dude, Yukmouth, Playa Rae & More

    can you repost the link, it doesn't work
  13. .223

    fat tone dead?

    that's a fucked up way to die, gettin set up like that what a snake
  14. .223

    Dont feed into the Bullshit!!

    everyone can rest. the best undercover investigative journalist is on the case.
  15. .223

    the realst ''rich the factor''

    truthfully i hadn't actually heard audio of pitt until the other day, after i posted that. someone linked his soundclick page said he's from OP or somethin. i agree he has a much different, better sound that the normal kc. but still that makes it 99.99998%. he's the only only other kc...
  16. .223

    Bounce Shake" NEW " MACNIFACENT

    not bad
  17. .223

    New Midwest Music

    you probably sound better on slow beats
  18. .223

    the realst ''rich the factor''

    tell me why does 99.99% of kc rappers have to sound like(a crackhead version of) him???? it kills me
  19. .223

    Why does K.C. jock the BAY so much???

    25 records in 13 years. -kmbc and how is nelly "one of our own?"
  20. .223

    james brown

    you gotta see this. i'm in pain from laughin so hard