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  1. CityDog

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    That pretty much is the exact way vaccines work?
  2. CityDog

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    What you talkin bout sheep. You trumpers are funny. I know people personally that got fucked up from COVID. I work in frisco and got kids. I’m not bringing shit home with me or around people I got love for straight up. Don’t get the vaccine if you don’t want it’s just funny the shit people...
  3. CityDog

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    Get vaccinated if you want. Pretty soon you won’t be able to work or go anywhere without it though. Everybody in this country has been getting vaccinated since they were babies. To me I said fuck it I got all kinds of shit in me. From drugs to vaccines. What’s another one?
  4. CityDog

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    Bruh Fuck Trump. He ain’t do shit. People crying and wanting trump to come back and saying fake election blah blah blah. Why you so worried about shit. Move on.
  5. CityDog

    Cougnut - Scandalous 2 (Revised)

    Yeah this version been out for a minute now. Still a mystery why they never dropped that album. A lot of the tracks have been heard now. but I’d still buy it off GP. RIP Nut.
  6. CityDog

    AMC rocket ship..!!!

    Anybody getting this AMC money. Thought today was gonna shoot up. We’ll see Monday.....
  7. CityDog

    "Who Killed Mac Dre?"

    Wow so Damon Whitmill who probably called the hit is still walking free.......Good read and fucked up story. Dre should of left the day before with Yuk and Keak....Didnt know Dj Fresh was their and couldn’t remember who Whitmill was? And last Tone probably got killed for nothing....besides...
  8. CityDog


    Salma Hayek she like 50 and still bangin.
  9. CityDog

    The official 2021 check in thread

    What up blood!
  10. CityDog

    Einer Bankz....l

    Can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this cat...
  11. CityDog

    RIP to Maino from 11/5

    Damn R.I.P.
  12. CityDog

    Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

    ive been sleeping on this thread. Anybody ivest in Pfizer. Gotta come up on the coronavirus cure.
  13. CityDog

    Spice 1 - This Is Thug World Volume One

    Damn Spice still got it. This is slappin.
  14. CityDog

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    Trump is a big racist faggot.
  15. CityDog

    Guce Favorite Album???

    Any news on his case? He’s doing 20 years or what?
  16. CityDog

    Isolated In The Game pt.3 Tha Vaccine

    Your tripping bro that north side track slapped. The beat was the hardest part of the song too. If your hating on that song your definitely scrap affiliated. Also it was well known isolated in the game was put out by scraps.
  17. CityDog

    Are any of the drought seasons or big blocks and boatdocks albums with berner edited off still out there?

    You real bitter bruh he fucked your mom or something ???