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  1. Slither

    Grant Rice- Empire Mixed Tape

    Does anybody have a copy? The computer I had it on bit the dust and I would really love it. Totally down to buy it if anyone knows where it's available too. XoXoXo <3
  2. Slither

    OT- Songs to calm Slither's sister the fuck out

    Please do me the respect of just not commenting if you have something rude to say. This is a really sensitive subject and really, I'm only posting here because I need to vent and some advice and seeing some familiar names on here made me realize just how much this place was like family at one...
  3. Slither

    OT- the Hot chicks for Slither thread

    K.. so bring it... lets see if y'all have any taste? Dare you to post YOUR chic! Then post some hot bitch, just so I don't puke. haha. :lick:
  4. Slither

    Know what song I STILL love?

    No, not Slither... my maturity level has risen a bit since then... fucking Tecca Nina. It's just a fun and fucking care-free song and it always reminds me of getting STONED off my ass driving around mid-Missouri back roads. Just saying... How bout you?
  5. Slither

    OT- Yo!

    Hey yo! How has everyone been? I thought I'd stop by and say hey to all my friends who are still here! Been busy with school and shit, so I haven't been able to stop by for a while! Had my I-tunes on random and Slither came on, and I had a random memory of strippers and Ecstasy... lol...
  6. Slither

    OT: What's up bitches?

    Thought I'd stop by and give props to Tech for Killer. But I realized how much I actually miss a lot of you fuckers too. Still a lot of bullshit around here, almost got a rise out of me with that fucking Stripper thread, but I guess Slither's gone soft because I just don't care. LOL. We're...
  7. Slither

    UFC and Tech

    hey. I know one of you fuckers will know! Which UFC fighter (I actually think there's more than one) uses Tech's music? I KNOW one uses Playa, but for some reason I want to say some uses Keep on Keepin on too... I may be wrong on Keepin, but either way I need to know the name of the...
  8. Slither

    OT: Happy Holidays!

    Just got on to say Happy Holidays to y'all! Got some last minute shopping for the kiddos and then I'm veggin out and enjoying the family for the next TWO weeks, so I will catch ya on the flip side! mmmmmmwwwwwah Lisha
  9. Slither

    OT: Slither's royal opinion

    mmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhh :lick: this board just needs more hot chics... that is all
  10. Slither

    What's the dumbest thing...

    you've ever done while listening to Tech? I only thought of this because twice now in the past two days I've let my kids listen to Slacker and twice now they've somehow both ended up hurt and each ended up bloody once... from jumping around acting a fool... So that's the dumbest thing...
  11. Slither

    OT: I have kids...what's your excuse

    Why are there so many of you online on a Saturday night?
  12. Slither

    Fan pics

    Post em fuckers. Yeah. I'm bored. and just for fun, the back of my kickass tank:
  13. Slither

    Grant and Empire

    What's up with those fuckers?
  14. Slither

    Sex songs...

    Alright fucks... I'ma go watch Transformers with my not-so-lil birthday boy now that I'm done with all my fucking labs (schools a bitch!) But I thought I'd do at least one more ON TOPIC post for your asses.. What's the best Tech song to make love to... not fuck... well, you could do that...
  15. Slither

    On a more positive note...TECH!

    What's up with you? How's the tour and shit? Let's bring some positivity back! I've been away doing the mom thing for a minute, and I really want to know bout the new endevors and such!
  16. Slither

    OT:Real talk: sexism and racism

    I felt it needed to be continued, but not appropriate for that thread. I wouldn't mind having a REAL mature discussion on this topic, as it is one that effects us all. There's a major societal difference period. I wouldn't go as far as to say their importance. Every person should be treated...
  17. Slither

    Wake up to...

    New Day New Pole... I mean poll Do you wake up to Tech on your alarm/phone whatever? If it's 'other'... what song is it?
  18. Slither

    Kind of OT: Tech N9ne game and my kids...

    Some of you will remember my kids screaming Tech N9ne while jumping on their beds, when they were like, 2 and 3.... well I'm proud to say that today, when I went into my now (since it's after midnight) 7 year old's room, this afternoon he proudly reminded me of the "Tech N9ne" game and how much...
  19. Slither

    Tempe show

    Who's going? I'm fucking pissed. My kids have a birthday party that night and I have to stay or they can't go... sucks.
  20. Slither

    OT: New Siccness features

    I like the multi quote one! It's about fucking time! But the icon for "you've posted in this thread" is a little, for lack of a better word, rainbowy for me... at least it appears that way on this comptuer.