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  1. Steve-O

    Killa Tay & Pat Lowrenzo - Paper Politician 2CD Pack

    dont sleep on this......2cds 31 traccs any new killa is tha good with me,,imma 4sho purchase
  2. Steve-O

    Juvenile-Reality Checc..leak got deleted last time i wonder why???
  3. Steve-O

    "King of the South" advanced leak

    T.I. King of the South reup for whoever miss the link
  4. Steve-O

    Luni show friday Tulsa,Okla.

    Thought i share with tha siccness fam....Coleone, Fierce and Paul Masson and few others came to tha town rocced it for 10 buccs...all new shit and a gang of Fierce and Paul shit. It was official cuzzo killed it doubt he comes bacc it was at a 18 and up clubs and them niggas wasted no time...
  5. Steve-O

    T-Nutty in tha town

    Man wtf..why i go to the club parkin lot saturday tha day i dont go and this nigga Tnutty van out there and errthang.Nicca probably neva make it bacc here im salty..didnt see any info pn here about a tour or nothing..oh well thought i would share...
  6. Steve-O

    Techn9ne n Tulsa,Oklahoma 3/4/04

    Tech gone be here in the town tomorrow. A lot folks been talking bout it. Should be cool for $12 buccs can't beat that.
  7. Steve-O

    Twista on TRL Wednesday and Rap City Friday!!!!!!!!!!

    here yall go
  8. Steve-O

    RIAA Pullin Kicc

    posted 8:40am EST Mon Jan 12 2004 - submitted by Joshua It appears that the RIAA has taken the law into its own hands. Dressed in black "raid" vests, flashing impressive IDs, and filling out pink incident reports, four men descend on a street vendor selling bootleg music CDs and convince him...
  9. Steve-O

    willy biggs should screw up some...

    ive have been tring to learn how to chop for forever now ..any help or links yo can provide..appreciate it
  10. Steve-O

    Government Calls Snoop To Testify In Utah Drug Case

    Snoop Dogg was served with a subpoena in the trial of Weldon Hal Angelos, the owner of Utah based Extravagant Records. Angelos is accused of distributing marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, money laundering and possession of stolen firearms. The government accuses...
  11. Steve-O

    Mayor files complaint on cop who called him 'dude'

    Associated Press Dec. 9, 2003 09:00 AM BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Arvin Mayor Juan Olivares had just one request of a Kern County sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop - "Don't call me dude." Olivares planned to file an official complaint with the sheriff's department, seeking to have the deputy...
  12. Steve-O

    J.Cin and Law present 'Wut Liez Beneath' ... Kansas City to Cali Comp

    Good lookin though...preciate the info..was just trying to find a good program to start recording with I aint got no bill gates pro tools fucc
  13. Steve-O

    J.Cin and Law present 'Wut Liez Beneath' ... Kansas City to Cali Comp

    where can i get this software or program it as expensive as pro tools
  14. Steve-O

    Darwin Awards 2003

    that time of the year again: I love these. > In case you've forgotten, the Darwin Awards were started by a well-known scientist. She felt that natural selection would cause humans who cannot compete to find ways to destroy themselves, thereby improving the gene pool by eliminating their...
  15. Steve-O


    Yall coming to Tulsa anytime soon or in the future
  16. Steve-O


    Damn aint heard of these cats work is official
  17. Steve-O

    Good Interview ass Tray Dee interview

    Man this is crazy i be damned a nigga ever give me a advance or a chain..i see why he bustin at him: source Obviously, Snoop Dogg’s alleged reciprocity practices do not bode well with Tha Eastsidaz. The situation has reportedly gotten heated to the point of violence. Alongside...
  18. Steve-O

    Which one of these do you want??

    Since i dont know how to post pics.... heres the links:,8764,47550,00.html Credit card phone..TV phone and a damn PS2 on yo...
  19. Steve-O

    luni coleone and I-ROCC -ALL WE GOT IS US IN 7TH HEAVEN NOW

    oh yeah I been on that bad thought we was talking but smiggs cd....