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    DOVE DAWG Mixtape!

    D.O.V.E. D.A.W.G. is no more, it's The Future now. Currently, Future is in talks with major and independent labels about potential deals. The industry has taken serious interest in his music recently. He also is working as a voice-over artist, songwriter, and he's finishing up on a movie script...
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    A-Wax feat. Messy Marv- Chevy Gone Wild

    Check it out @ Beat produced by Sea Notes Productions. This track will be on A-Wax's "The Album" dropping through SMC Recordings.
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    Movie Instrumentals/Theme Songs

    Which ones do you need in particular? I got a big collection of soundtracks and scores from the 50's up until now.
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    CDs for Sale

    Send me a PM or hit my e-mail: [email protected] if your interested in anything. 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains- It's On Now: Summer Edition 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains- Roguish Ways A-Wax & DJ Vlad- F. Suckaz B.A.R.T. To The 91 Siccness (Double Disc) Balance- Readyrock...
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    Equipment for Sale (MPC 2500, Roland VS-2400, Roland Fantom Xa)

    FOR SALE: MPC 2500 Roland VS-2400 CD Digital Studio with CD-R Roland Fantom Xa 61-Key Workstation Everything is brand new and in the box, comes with a one year warranty and I'm willing to do rush delivery if necessary. Send me an e-mail: [email protected] or PM me if your...
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    Jamie Foxx-Unpredictable

    It was called Peep This.... Infatuation was the lead single. I remember it charted pretty high out the gates but didn't sell too good....
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    Four Brothers

    Anyone seen it yet? I thought it was a good flick but I expected it to be done well since John Singeleton was behind the camera. Andre Benjamin and Tyrese surprised the hell out of me cause they actually held their own, the roles they had before were shit.....
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    No Baggy Clothes (Video)
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    Chick from Sneaker Pimps

    You talkin about Kelli Dayton, the vocalist for the group?
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    Happy Birthday Night Shield

    Happy birthday pimp, hope it's a good one for you!!!
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    Dead Alive

    I just watched this shit tonight and its fucking HEAT. This has got to be one of the goriest movies ever made, they were slicing up zombies left and right. This definitely made me say what the fuck at the end, it was something disturbing. Who else has seen it?
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    Oregon Officials Label E-40 Gangsta Rapper, Show Canceled

    THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT..... E-40's scheduled concert in Oregon last night (Dec. 11) was been canceled due to authorities' fear of alcohol sales, the show's content and possible gang violence. The performance was supposed to be held at a teen dance club called VIBES, but was called off after...
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    Red Head Steve- "In Tha Wind" Slowed and Throwed

    This is some new shit Willy Biggs of Monstaville just put together. Soak it up and let the pill poppin begin.......
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    DOVE DAWG Mixtape!

    Support my folks.....
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    Profit - New Album

    I ain't really feelin it that much, the MOP screamin type shit just doesn't do it. The beats I heard though were on point and it sounds like it really fits your style. Best of luck with the project.....
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    Make any offers you have: 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians- It's On Now, Summer Edition 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians- Roguish Ways Al Kapone- Da Resurrection Don P- Yallready4me? Dove Dawg- The Invasion- Autographed E-Mac-7- 16 Minutes With An O.G. JT The Bigga Figga- Playaz N The Game...
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    Happy Birthday Essqubed

    The one and only Sik Individuoh do it big on your milestone year. Enjoy the day like a boss should. Keep deliverin those crushin graphical masterpieces for our opticals.......
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    new twista video with anthony hamilton link inside

    Already seen the video and thats the fuckin cut. Twista rips that shit and Anthony Hamilton is real smooth on the hook......
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    Magazine looking for reviewers for cds

    i got a sample review for you, tell me where to send it to......
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    CDS For Sale- Hi-C- Skanless, WCCBB, Non Fikition

    Hi-C- Skanless West Coast Bad Boyz- High Fo X-Mas- Sealed Non Fikition- Creative Differences Vamp Dogg- Gotta Keep It Real- Sealed Don P- Yallready4me E-Mack-7- 16 Minutes With An OG Richie Rich- Seasoned Veteran Richie Rich- The Game Children Of The Corn- Mixtape (Big L’s group) Skanless- In...