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  1. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    I deserve part of that troll response, haha. In my defense though I follow Ant Banks on social media and even have notifications setup so that anytime he posts I am notified. The issue is that he doesn't post anything that is news worthy. For example, he's posted 3 pictures on Instagram in...
  2. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    Same and so happy to see it... easily one of my top 5 favorite producers in the rap game
  3. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    Old head is right, lol... were you on the board back before it came to the 91Siccness addresss ? I don't necessarily remember your username from discussions, but that was a long time ago and just wondered if you posted under something else or recognized mine
  4. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    Do people on here still say that ? Definitely brings back the memories! :LOL:
  5. Pimperoni

    Victor Barren & Randy Austin

    Re-up :)
  6. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    I've heard the same and feel like a little kid again anticipating what his songs and that album will be like. Hopefully it's new production because I heard some of his new stuff with 40 has been things sitting on the shelf for 15yrs that are just now getting released. Then again, maybe it's...
  7. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    Appreciate that man! This board used to be my LIFE everday, haha. Also, I had someone DM me that this song on the new Too Short album is also produced by Ant Banks
  8. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    Good looking out! For anyone else wondering, this is the song here... not bad! Badass to hear Banks on the vocals as well, even if only small amount
  9. Pimperoni

    Ant Banks - New Production

    What's up guys ? I was a regular in the 90's and 2000's, but it's been a while since my last login, lol. I'm just popping my head in because of the recent resurgence of my favorite OGs. Like most of you I'm pumped to see the new E-40/Too Short / Ice Cube / Snoop project, but what I'm most...
  10. Pimperoni

    Bay Area Rapper on College Gameday

    Anyone see the "RIP Mac Dre" sign on college gameday this morning ? TBIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Pimperoni

    Jim Harbaugh

    This might be my first ever post in the Siccness Sports Board, but I'm a big UofMichigan fan (I live 2 blocks from the stadium) and with our big head coach search going on figured I'd drop in and see if the 49er fans know anything about that Harbaugh meeting that happened yesterday..... Who is...
  12. Pimperoni

    The Click "The Blue Print"

    Anyone already buy this or planning on buying it ?
  13. Pimperoni

    E-40 Album "Deal Pack"

    I remember seeing a couple weeks ago there was a deal pack that included a T-shirt w/ the purchase of both of the new E-40 albums if you buy in advance. Since I'm planning to buy it anyway thought I'd get the "deal pack".... but now I can't find it. . I know there's the iTunes pack, but I'm the...
  14. Pimperoni

    Baby Bash feat. Martel James "Fantasy Girl"

    Anyone heard this ? It's a tight song...
  15. Pimperoni

    Best Bay Area Rap Song about Guns

    What's the best bay area rap song that mainly talks about guns; or at least has your favorite one liner about guns. Yeah, kind of a dumb topic, but a few friends and I have compiled a small arsenal, are getting CCW's (so we'll be riding and carrying) and have been doing a lot of shooting...
  16. Pimperoni

    E-40 Reality Show on VH1

    I tried to see if there were other threads on it and couldn't find any (sorry if I missed it) Anyway, who's excited to see this show ? I can't wait!
  17. Pimperoni

    Coming to the Bay Area - Any Advice ?

    Never been to the SanFran bay, but this May gonna take a vacation w/ my girlfriend to Yosemite and the surrounding. I realize not very many people know me on here anymore, but those that do (or if you're just feeling nice, ha) any advice on what to do or what not to miss let me know.... Or...
  18. Pimperoni


    Same here.... thought for sure Locksmith was going to win that too....
  19. Pimperoni

    Victor Barren & Randy Austin

    Anyone know the history on where these came from ?
  20. Pimperoni

    Very Informative Interview with Marty James of OneBlockRadius