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    Bavgate Official Thread

    lmao tweezee u fucking clown get over urself why u mad
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    lol thats a dope title
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    good shit gonna peep this out
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    [FREE CODE] Gears of War 3 weapon skin 5-pack

    I won it from a code I got from Jack In The Box but I already got this and don't need it. Whoever grabs it first can use it. [redeemed] Get itttttttt
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    slappin asap lock got heat
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    The Tonite Show With........ Young Lay??

    that would be dope... perfect way to put young lay back on over some fresh production what do y'all think?
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    richie richs raspy voice

    so after hearin his music for many years, obviously ive grown to the conclusion he has a raspy voice - which he's known for. i went to a too short concert last night and about half-way through, richie rich jumped on the stage and bullshitted wit short and did a few songs... it was my first time...
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    The Tonite Show With The Midwest

    layzie bone? i know it prolly wouldn't happen, but a dj fresh beat over an unreleased fat tone verse would be dope off top
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    post ittttttttt
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    Replacement Killerz

    Who were the members of this group that Richie Rich put on? I know J Stalin was one of 'em, who else was it?
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    thats what i thought too... how can 3 dope rappers make such a weak song? that should be an all-star lineup for a slapper, hus one of my favorites but that verse was weak as fuck
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    Upcoming WWE RAW 1993 DVD

    anyone else excited bout this? that's gonna be dope as fuck.. i have most of the episodes downloaded anyway but they're shitty ass quality. i don't think there's any way that this could disappoint... what do y'all think?
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    also that 'thizz how we eat' they both on that wit dubee.... and when bav was still doin steady mobb'n "big fishes" off that crime buddies album and bavgate was on explosive mode also on "stop it"
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    nominate your favorite song of kansas city all time...

    Fat Tone - Life (ft. Arch Bishop) Fat Tone - Fake & Phony Tech N9ne - Nothin' (ft. Big Scoob & Messy Marv) Krizz Kaliko - Beautifil You Are Krizz Kaliko - Anxiety
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    Something odd with Felix Mitchell- Roadkill Vol. 1

    felix mitchell/rich the factor/etc have the shittiest cds ever... not music wise but in the art/case/cd/etc... never a god damn tracc list, the cds are burned, and the covers look like phunky phat grafx designed em in 93 wtf??
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    NEWSENSE of PSYCHODRAMA, verses $2K or hooks $1000

    lmao @ 2k more like 1k for both newsense and yung buk verses AND they can do tha hook!
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    what exactly does the double I represent? assuming it does rep somethin.. cuz i guess u wouldnt juss add an extra I and its always pronounced "P Double I M P" so i was juss seein if perhaps u could elaborate? got me wonderin haha right on!
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    R.I.P. Billy Powell (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

    damn r.i.p.
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    Live songs/albums

    only reason i would really want a live song is if it was a cover song or somethin they only play live or a song i havent heard yet then i can mp3 it
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    Guns and Roses - Chinese Democracy [11/23/08]

    copped that shit off top and glad i did i want my damn dr. pepper