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  1. casperog

    Video: Party the Pain Away

    L-8iTJcuNJ8 Whats the point in this ? The track didnt even make the CD
  2. casperog

    Mayday/Krizz/Stevie FS 0t7EjrwO1o0 Dunno how old it is but it was decent..check it out
  3. casperog

    Rittz pwnz Kutt

    Head over to the SM youtube account to check out video popularity for these 2.. Rittz - Like I Am - Official Music Video - 214,506 views (Steady Rising) V Kutt Calhoun - That's My Word - Official Music Video - 42,029 (Dead Slow) Rittz - For Real - Official Music Video - 230,833...
  4. casperog

    New Tech Interview.

    Tech N9ne Addresses Perceived Disconnect With Black Hip Hop Fans | Rappers Talk Hip Hop Beef & Old School Hip Hop | HipHop DX Whether he’s interacting with Strange Music signee and Black Hippy member Jay Rock. < Damn thought that dude went away..guess the stain cant be removed..
  5. casperog

    RA Ft Tech/Krizz - Holla-Loo ^ let me know if it expires.. ill up a new link.. enjoy
  6. casperog

    OT:DMX On Fix My Life

    DMX On Fix My Life Full UNCUT Episode - YouTube its the full deal.. I just feel sorry for the guy aye he was my fav rapper in the day.. P3rD3fOvp7g ^ After this theres : hOvJ7aV5_iA ^U cant even understand most of the shit he says.. dudes fucked :( than a discussion with xavier after its...
  7. casperog

    Over Rated.

    Why is Tech N9ne - Dysfunctional such a highly praised song ? I thought it was only meh myself.. maybe if scoob wasnt in it id like it more.. everytime i ask someone if they know who tech n9ne is..this is the song they know lol wtf ? It has no promotion or airplay I knew about.. It used to...
  8. casperog

    Wreckonize Album Up For Pre-Order

    Go preorder it and get "Black Magic City" as a mp3 Wrekonize - The War Within CD - Pre Sale Ship Date 6/25/2013 **someone post the link up for the mp3
  9. casperog

    Mayday EP

    Anyone know what them morse code beeps are saying ?
  10. casperog

    Good Albums Left 4 2012

    What albums are people anticipating for the remaining part of 2012 ? My list so far : Tech N9ne - EBAH G.O.O.D Music (K. west) - Cruel Summer Lil Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being 2 MayDay - Halo EP DMX - Undisputed Mellowhype - Numbers
  11. casperog

    Upcoming Projects ?

    Whats the next batch of projects for strange ?? Anything concrete yet ? Kutt ? Lynch ? Tech ? etc.
  12. casperog

    Tech N9ne Interview 21/02/12

    On Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 3:30 PM CST, that Klusterfuk that you know and love, Tech N9ne was on the air to take your calls and answer your questions. With the Klusterfuk EP on the way, a world-record setting tour about to kick off, and a video on 106 And Park‘s rotation, there was a lot...
  13. casperog

    Klusterfuck EP

    Official Tracklist : 1. Intro 2. Ugly Duckling (feat. Aqualeo) 3. Blur (feat. Wrekonize) 4. Can't Stand Me (feat. Krizz Kaliko) 5. Awkward 6. D.K.N.Y. (feat. Krizz Kaliko) Samples/Release Date/Album Information :
  14. casperog

    Tech N9ne Digital Collection.

    My idea is this. or another official linked site created to sell/share and discuss rare/hard to find digital mp3s. Each member registers for free but they pay a small fee per track which they can than download or put on there ipods. This way the label is supported and the...
  15. casperog

    Most Anticipated Album of 2012

    Whats the album your most looking forward to in 2012 SM & Others ? 1.Tech N9ne - Klusterfuck EP 2.Prozak - Paranormal 2.Stevie Stone - Rollin' Stoned 3.!MayDay! - Take Me To Your Leader 4.Ces Cru - (I dont know the title ?) 5.Krizz Kaliko - Kicking & Screaming Non Strange 1.Kanye West...
  16. casperog

    Heatwave Videos

    Theres going to be a bunch but heres 1 worthy of checking out if ya interested. tech/krizz is in and out so skip pass the obie crap haha
  17. casperog

    OT: So this place is officially DEAD.

    This site has just got dead..Where is everyone ??
  18. casperog

    Big Scoob - No Filter Thoughts ?

    Tracklist : 1. No Filter 2. Sloppy 3. Torn 4. Soil Muzik 5. If You Only Knew Intro 6. If You Only Knew Your thoughts on the cd ? Nothing special but its not bad definitely worth the price tag i think but i doubt ill be playing it much... the track " No Filter " is the best track on the EP.
  19. casperog


    I usually dont post up underground dudes but this dude i found recently sounds alot better than most underground shit ive been hearing lately.. dnsp7LW1hrg OB9VgD6ct6E& Tha dude doesnt look tha part but with the right moves i think this big dudes gonna grow
  20. casperog

    Holla At Uh Dog - Young Bleed

    I couldnt find it on youtube yet but the video is out Thoughts ?? I like the beat.