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  1. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Urban exploration video thread

    @Mixerr you ever run into any junkies at these empty places?
  2. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Cassette Tapes

    Might sound weird.. But any of you have any cassette tapes sitting around that you want to get rid of? Slide them this way and i'll hook you up with some of my lawn mowing money.
  3. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    What I miss?

    I haven't been on here in long time.. Looks the same as when I left lol.. Did I miss anything? Anyone get roasted?
  4. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Any small business owners or entrepreneurs on the sicc?

    2015 was a monumental year for me. After the back and forth of climbing of the "corporate" ladder or pursuing self employment, I finally took the leap. As this year I now own an LLC and operate my own small landscape business. Im learning as I go and trying not to make many amateur mistakes that...
  5. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Silent - Gang Life preview

    fuck it… @MastermindE-low roast thread!!
  6. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Silent - Gang Life preview

    I been putting this off for many years, for numerous reasons. Honestly I completely lost interest in making music but I feel like I owe it to my self and the few fans that I have to put this out. Its gone through many changes as far as track listing and features. But I am comfortable with the...
  7. $ileNt_eNe_ATL


    @DODE cuantos años tienes wey
  8. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Sleep Paralisys

    cual pinche sleep paralysis? Shit I get my paisa ass up and go to work..
  9. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    this homeboy hahaha!!!

    is that @Flame408 ??
  10. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Mr. G

    @$ilent sorry breh
  11. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Mr. G

    yea!.. I''ll get some stuff together and email it to you bro... same email?
  12. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    which hbr rapper gonna do it big n which hbr rapper should hang up the mic?

    what you talking about rob rize got a 1.5 million dollar record deal ..
  13. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Norteno In Los Angeles looking for surenos

    allright!! i knew wearing all this realtree camo would pay off... can @FilthDee be in the club too??
  14. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Outlaw Country

    I kick it with some backwoods good ol country boys sometimes they jam shit like this .. gASpL4DyZng 66QcIlblI1U VlBzre4-Krc K94QvVXoHCY
  15. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Filth dee

    lol @ this guy coming on here acting like the norteno serio and demanding respect... psshhh @FilthDee get real!!!
  16. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Coolio is cashing out!

    140k for royalty rights to gangsta paradise... shit @ROB RIZE ... jump on this deal carnal use some of that 1.5 million you got from your recording deal
  17. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    @Mac Jesus ... I know homie, I dont really have an opinion on the matter. I just saw that video and thought i would post it since it was a hot topic on here...
  18. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    new sir dyno album

    @recklessofgilaz gtfo with that garbage lol
  19. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

  20. $ileNt_eNe_ATL

    Orange Is the New Black

    Any one else see this yet? me and the wife stayed in the weekend and killed the whole season.. Netflix exclusive from the creator of weeds... It has some coo actors and righteous tiddies throughout the series nryWkAaWjKg