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  1. TheRealGX

    Drummer covers Killing You and Let's Go

    this was posted on therealtechn9ne last week, but since dude is a long time friend of mine, figured I'd post here to get it some more attention. Drummer is Terry Harper, who has been one of the best if not best drummer to come out of Louisville. Has been outshining other band members since I...
  2. TheRealGX

    OT? New Matic Lee "Open Wide"

    Matic Lee - Open Wide produced by DS2 maybe we will see a lot more collabs from DS2 and Matic shit is hot as always Matic
  3. TheRealGX

    OT: This is why you can't trust any bitch

    so i was with my ex fiancee from 2001 until june 2008, when we broke up we had pretty open communication. I lived on a couch for months and didnt have room for any of my shit, so she agreed to let me keep it there until whenever I needed it. Fast forward to this week, I stop by there (made...
  4. TheRealGX

    Matic Lee in the studio with Tech?

    more pics at Matic's myspace going to guess this is in chapman studios, Rob Rebeck is there as well in a pic same with David Sanders I know XV and Seven have been recording at Chapman as well, and XV just pulled out of the tour he was in to put the final...
  5. TheRealGX

    OT: XV - 40 Days & Nights free download 80 tracks

    Ok not sure how many people here follow XV, but right now he is one of my favorite MCs, his Square in the Circle mixtape is one of the best albums, mixtape or not, that ive heard in years He recently did a thing where he dropped a new track/freestyle every morning and night for 40 days....those...
  6. TheRealGX

    OT: Check out The Gun Club

    I dont usually post OT shit, especially about other rappers and shit, but this is something i felt like needed to be shared. This is kinda different than what a lot of you probably listen to, so I just want some feedback. They have more music dropping Halloween
  7. TheRealGX

    OT: New Seven Produced Album DL for Free

    Was just checking my online friends and saw Seven was on, went to his page and he has a few new songs from XV [who i have never heard of] and at the top a link to download XV - The Square and the Circle for free downloading now, but the 3 tracks from the album on Seven's myspace have impressed...
  8. TheRealGX redesign

    looks hot, as a partial web designer im really liking this new design, very clean...major improvement
  9. TheRealGX

    Was Ill Bill pushed back?

    at the show yesterday while he was on stage Slaine kept saying look out for the hour of reprisal dropping in august...just wondering if anyone has heard if it was delayed...other then killer its the album im looking forward to the most
  10. TheRealGX

    Louisville Fire and Ice show tonight

    just got back from the show and the strip club afterwards so im far from sober so if nothing makes sense u know why ive wanted to see a tech show ever since watching the more power dvd and seeing what strange brings to the stage...finally strange came through louisville i attempted to listen...
  11. TheRealGX

    Now is the time to release ISMs

    With recent actions by Radiohead offering their album online and letting the fans chose the price, and Nine Inch Nails releasing a similar online album, and 2nd free online album [2 days ago] that is some of their best material in years, I think its time for Tech to let his presence known...
  12. TheRealGX

    The Running Killer Info/Interview Thread

    Updated: 5/13 Tech N9ne - Killer July 1st 2008 Strange Music/Fontana 32 tracks, Double CD Tracks recorded for "Killer' but not on album: Killer - preorder from Strange Music store to get download Smoke Sumthin Known producers: Tramaine "YoungFyre" Winfrey - Wheaties, Like Yeah Jonah "Matic...
  13. TheRealGX

    anyone know how to get ahold of Ska21/e. hawke?

    he was supposed to be sending me some street promo materials and 10k flyers for the tech show here in may, ive yet to recieve anything, and i could really use those flyers for this Saturday's Twiztid show here in Louisville i typically wouldnt be posting this, but my man Terry who is booking...
  14. TheRealGX promo materials for MLK?

    cd is set to release in 2 weeks and i havent heard a word from anyone here about promo materials just wondering if strange decided not to do a lot of promotion on this album or something
  15. TheRealGX

    looking for some grant rice/empire cds

    was thinking how tech should have grant on a cut from MLK and remembered i dont own any of his stuff anybody know a place online i can order some grant or empire albums thanks in advance
  16. TheRealGX

    Little info about the 2disc "collectors/special edition"

    my fiance works for a large electronic distrubution center...they started getting ER disc yesterday She has only seen 1 version but it is stickered as "special edition" or something along those lines but it is the 2 disc version stickered price is $13.99 or $13.95 but this retailer allways...
  17. TheRealGX

    more "album art"

    was just refeshing tech's myspace page and saw this as the pic if old i will lock great choice by going with Joshua Hoffine
  18. TheRealGX

    is there an edited version of BLEVE?

    i need an edited version of "hip hop warning" ASAP i have the PA version but i need an edited version
  19. TheRealGX

    there might be hope for eminem yet (nothing new on the actual track)

    just came across the track D town boys-obie trice ft eminem and big herk em's verse is a major improvement over his encore crap ill put a link up but mods feel free to take it down if anyone has a problem with me posting this...