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    XM Radio...who knows a lot about it. Sort of Bay Related

    the reason i am posting about this shit is simply because i would like to know more about it. i know that under xm radio these stations play music with swearing and everything. i was listening to Howard Stern the a while back and he is considering gettin a xm radio station so his shit aint...
  2. D a fool for this one. Claiming to have advance Done Deal & Other cd a fool for this one. Claiming to have advance Done Deal & Other cd i doubt that these even dropped in which you claim to have. i'd like to see some proof or even a review on these "so called" advance releases: Andre Nickatina - Conversation With A Devil Willie Hen -...
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    How many songs did E-40 do with Pac?

    I'm curious.
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    No war for oil...

    for it or against it. I ran into this website and this lil fuck is a piece of shit. i want to meet him and beat him the fuck up. this lil mothafucka has no cause as to what he is saying. go here to share your opinion. thanks.
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    Has anyone on here thought of Doing public access tv?

    I was just watching some shit on tv and i'm pretty sure it was public access. The rappers on there was weak as fuck. The dj was wack but peeps was callin in giving props. So it hit me. Has anyone on here ever thought of doing it. I mean it's a good way to advertise. Plus people on here have...
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    Eminem "Hailey's Revenge" MP3

    was anyone able to get this shit off kazaa. it was up for a few on friday when 94.9 or 106 (not sure) was promoting it. It's supposed to be the second part to the track that 50 Busta and Eminem did to the hail mary beat. holla if you have it thanks.
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    4 artists doing mix tapes

    Have yall ever thought of using all those old ass beats like "Colors" that shit would be some bay talent rippin it up. I'd like to see it happen.
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    opionions on MISTAH FAB album

    Just want to know who copped on it and what yall think about it?
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    Where can i get Wreak Havoc

    Is this cd out anywhere besides smoov-e website or Backdoor. Let me know. thanks.
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    How do i get a hold of your first album...get at me...thanks.
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    Stubblefield has turned to the DARK SIDE

    Not a bad move i would say...and yes all you 9er fucks (lol just playin) i know yall gonna say some get it out...we take your players but the truth of it is... WE MAKE EM BETTER PLAYERS.
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    Anybody have the # to Music Trend

    Need the # and the address to this place...if yall have the 411...thanks.
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    Big B (of Ghetto Kaos)...???

    anybody know the tracklisting to this shit...
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    Need Info On these Kc Rap Artists

    Thanks for the info...didn't don juan drop another album called Mizery Made and Midwestside 2000? i could have sworn i seen those...thanks for the 411...
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    Need Info On these Kc Rap Artists

    -How many albums did Don Juan Drop? -What is the name and tracklisting of the Big B album? -Besides Tech N9ne, who else from the RDV has dropped albums and what are they? -How many solos came from members of the veteran click, and what albums are those? Any info would help yall. thanks in...
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    Anyone know where to copp that Outlawz Gear

    anybody...been looking for a minute...if you have a source...get at me.
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    ?? Bout 80 West Music

    is this store still around...did it relocate or just close down... thanks.
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    Cellski Mixtape Vol. 2 Did he diss DUTCH?

    I was bumpin track #5 and towards the end it sounds like he said some shit bout DUTCH...can anyone confirm this or am i trippin...i just remember how there was a thread on here where these two artists shared their opinion and it blew out.
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    Quinn & Marv Explosive As Usual???

    i know this cd was spose to drop a while back...i remember seing the first cover to it and it was dope lookin...anyone got any info on this cd...holla.
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