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  1. swinka

    Luniz? Numbskull?

    on the track I posted some time ago, There is also Yuk and Kuzzo, but Yuk raps "me and Num" - so I think they didn't split
  2. swinka

    Who Is Really Worthy Of Carrying The Torch In The BAY?

    I feel you. I miss the days, when Livewire were dropping one album after the nother. When BoyBoy Mess was still Messy Marv. Big Rich, Bailey, Ya Boy, Jacka. Yukmouths all out war beef. It was fire in the Bay
  3. swinka

    Who Is Really Worthy Of Carrying The Torch In The BAY?

    so who is carrying the torch then? From all the Bay rappers I dont remember someone dropping so many solid albums. Share us with your knowledge. Maybe you got someone on your mind I dont know, and I would love to hear him, or just you a hater bro
  4. swinka

    Who Is Really Worthy Of Carrying The Torch In The BAY?

    I wish Berner to make an European tour, but on other hand most of artist skip Poland... About our post on Ramirez. It's funny I found him about week ago. Now I'm learning about his stuff on Tidal - bump him on my way to work
  5. swinka

    Luniz / WSRH – Hajs / Dough

    I never thought I'll hear Yukmouth with Polish rappers
  6. swinka

    A-Wax - Dracula Fangs

  7. swinka

    Who Is Really Worthy Of Carrying The Torch In The BAY?

    propably you all will hate, but as for now for me is Berner I've been listening to this dude since day 1. Dirty Sneakers , Weekend at Bernie’s , Drought Season and it goes on and on. Then the The White Album which was great. I know there was alot of hate. Drought Season with Berner cut off, it...
  8. swinka

    Rapper AP9 Is Soft As A Tissue

    I dont care what people say, but hes one of my favorite MobFigga Dont know if he'll drop some new music, but this one is hes leatest one
  9. swinka


    I think Luniz and Yukmouth stuff
  10. swinka


    Goddamn, that old bay you guys posting is sick. Need to step my bay game up to learn more about this
  11. swinka


  12. swinka

    Free A-Wax!!

    i dont know, but this sounds like hes off beat...nevertheless cant wait for album
  13. swinka

    A Wax - Dinner Plate

    I like Awax, but this sound like he raps and dont hear beat to fit it.. sounds strange
  14. swinka

    Free A-Wax!!

    Wax needs to learn from his own mistakes. Gave to many keys to the youngins Reading this and bumping his "Trust Issues" - "That last man I tried to help He turned out to be a cobra " It's not an issue - he should turn down his trust in people
  15. swinka

    Why was Jacka so big in the UK

    Especially 90s - 2Pac DeathRow Artists era ;)I remember that east west war in high school. Beautiful young years
  16. swinka


    got this on repeat from some time
  17. swinka

    Philthy Rich - Hometown Hero (Official Video)

    saw recenlty Hometown Hero vlog by Philthy. Dude is down to earth, supports his hood. Forever a props
  18. swinka


    i love to play this out loud when going to work
  19. swinka


    i see Bearfootgang was first ;)