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    - Golden State Warriors '12-'13 Season Thread -

    Denver Nuggets ‏@Denvernuggets 4m #Nuggets F @KennethFaried35 (sprained L ankle) says he will play in Game 2 vs Golden State.
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    Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero May 4th [confirmed]

    Not a fair comparison, cotto>guerrero popularity and its not even close. Floyd is a numbers machine but even he needs a little help to promote a fight. He's not de la hoya
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    The Los Angeles Lakers

    lol in 5-10 years Kobe will be coaching the lakers full time, for now it's part time.
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    The Los Angeles Lakers

    @Rasan Howard: 26 points 17 boards 3 blocks 2 steals
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Shameless (US) (Showtime) Wilfred (US) (FX) House Of Cards (US) (Netflix) Boss (Starz)
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    Nonito Donaire vs Rigondeaux, April 13th [NY]

    Who wins mares or rigo?? Mares or donaire?
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    lol @ ironlungs deleting the laker thread

    @InfamousICON Well I never asked for anyone to get banned, I just deleted the thread because it turned into a troll fest. Honestly didn't think anyone would miss it, 80-90 percent of the posts in the thread were made by me.
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    The Los Angeles Lakers

    This has been the crappiest of crappiest seasons ever.
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    Niner News Thread

    lol fuck NYC, they don't realize they have to sell revis for less then he's worth. They're the ones in a critical situation, the 49ers will be fine with or without Revis. The 49ers front office has already made that clear. With that said I would gladly give up the 1st and 2nd round pick for...
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    2013 Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens Vs. 9ers

    Matt Barrows ‏@Mattbarrows Perhaps the most significant thing said by a 49er on this, arrival day, was Justin Smith's assertion that his left arm has gotten stronger with time. That, and the fact that he knows he doesn't have much longer to worry about it. "I know how many games I have...
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    The Los Angeles Lakers

    It's a good thing he's healthy but if the Lakers aren't going to make the playoffs they need to shut down Howard for the rest of the season. No need for him to cause further injury, but knowing dwight he's probably going to risk it anyway and go all out for his squad. Props Dwight!
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    The Los Angeles Lakers

    champions turn into diamonds under pressure!
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    The Los Angeles Lakers

    props MWP!
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    NBA Hardwood Classics

    7 year anniversary Jan 22, 2006 s7P4SVFG7a8 KOBE:
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    Boxing News Thread

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    LeBron James ‏@kingjames Yeeeeeee!! Go crazy Bay Area! Hahaha
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    On the next episode of Catfish, Manti Te'o

    The Fake ESPN ‏@theFakeESPN It gets even worse- Te'o claimed he'd watch episodes of Glee with his girlfriend, so he was really just watching them by himself.
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    Canelo Vs Trout April 20th

    weak Schaefer = Bob Arum 2.0