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  1. eastbayrider510


  2. eastbayrider510


    Performing live Lil Coner, Tito B, Big Oso Loc, Big Ru, Weech Loc, Lil Raider & Many more! ALL AGES with a 21 and up bar Ladies in FREE before 9pm
  3. eastbayrider510


    Big Ru Presents "Countless Faces" The Compilation Now taking track submissions for the comp. I got a few tracks already and I will have the cover posted up on here within the week. So if you got some heat and something you want to submit hit me up on the Private Message. Please have your...
  4. eastbayrider510

    Rapper with Cancer...and hes out here in the bay.

    he calls himself the Chemo Kid... discuss.
  5. eastbayrider510

    Is it possible to save pictures on Xbox 360?

    I have a dvd disc with some photos on it and i was trying to save it to the xbox but was unable to find a way. I was able to view them but didnt see anyway to save them. Anyone know of a way to do so?
  6. eastbayrider510

    I got a ticket for "amplified music" yesterday...WTF!

    Fucking dick head cop in Newark pulled me over for what he said was "amplified music" and said he could hear me for blocks.. so my question is...has anyone ever got this kind of lame ass ticket and how much was it?
  7. eastbayrider510

    The Watchmen Movie 03.06.09

    I figured with all the talk about the new Iron Man movie and the other comic movies coming out I thought I would show you the starting product of the Watchmen graphic novel/comics This is the classic graphic novel. Read this a while back and they are finally turning it into a movie...hopefully...
  8. eastbayrider510

    Free Download ---- Killa, Murda, Killa by Cougnut Ft. Jaz, Assassin and other

    here ya go Cougnut Ft. Jaz, Assassin and some other kat (G Pack??)
  9. eastbayrider510

    Eddi Projex on KMEL tonight at 8-9 pm with Big Von

    EDIT* the show didnt happen yesterday because von wasnt in...tonight for sure live with Jacka ! be sure to check out Eddi Projex on Big Vons show tonight from 8-9...its Eddi and Jacka sure to tune in and call in and show some support for the homie!
  10. eastbayrider510

    EDDI PROJEX on KMEL's Westside Wednesday this morning..

    whats good?! any of you cats happen to catch westside wednesday with chuey this morning?the homie Eddi Projex was on there for like an hour and a half....they played a grip of his shit and he says he going to put out a video for the new single "breezY" with keek da sneak...played some other...
  11. eastbayrider510

    Bay Area Gun shops with good selection?

    I did a search on bay area gun shops on the sicc and didnt see any threads. I was wondering which of you on here have purchased a legal fire arm and can recommend a store with a good selection of rifles. Appreciated!
  12. eastbayrider510

    so my 360 ip address keeps failing..

    i just moved to a new spot and my xbox360 hasnt worked one time. I tried reseting my modem and even manually putting in the IP ,subnet and all that shit and nothing works still. Anyone ever have this problem?i called xbox live and nothing they told me to do did anything.
  13. eastbayrider510

    Any record spots in the inglewood/hawthorne area?

    i was just out there for new years and i was wondering if there are any record shops out there since ill be returning next weekend. Trying to swoop up some bumping so cal music.
  14. eastbayrider510

    Eddi Projex "Now or Never"! go copp that!!

    Shit slaps from start to finish...whats your opinions on it? the album has a gang of great features as well like Short, F.A.B., Delinquents, Messy Marv, Jacka, among others. Shit is heated album with no filler and no bullshit ass tracks.
  15. eastbayrider510

    11/30 Eddi Projex In Store signing and performance at Rasputins Berkeley

    Eddi Projex will be having an in store signing for his new album that just dropped this past week entitled "NOW OR NEVER". Come thru get a cd signed and stay for a live performance. Also they will be shooting for his dvd so come get on camera and show some bay love. Date: Friday November 30...
  16. eastbayrider510

    Kriminal "Mi Vida Loka" is available

    i just copped it at rasputins in Newark. They had a couple copies left, thought i would share this for those who couldnt get it thru HOMEBOYRAP.COM
  17. eastbayrider510

    Eddi Projex in the new Stash Mag..check out inside...

    Drop a comment on the Stash comment page under the little video that Eddi got up for the new single...a little introduction to the new single and peep out the track on Stash as well EDDI PROJEX "WIGGLE MAN" ...its under the audio area on the left hand side of the screen...
  18. eastbayrider510

    I am ranked number 4 on unsigned Hip Hop artist on myspace today..

    shit is fucking gonzoe! haha check it out under the hip hop 4th down!
  19. eastbayrider510

    Man Dies on Highway 24 in Oakland, A good homie, R.I.P.

    That was my homie right there. A cool ass cat who will always be missed. Much love to him and his fam, See you on the other side bro.
  20. eastbayrider510

    Any record shops in Moreno Valley?

    I asked this question a while back about any in downtown LA...but now I wanted to see if there are any record stores are in the moreno valley area. Looking to swoop up some underground cds.