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    New Neema feat Glasses Malone and Mistah Fab

    single off his upcomping album "The Cigar Room" being released 12/20/11 "Thinking Bout You" feat glasses malone, mistah fab and latin rose produced by keyboard kid
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    west coast artist(s) you'd like too see perform in seattle?

    who are some westcoast artists y'all would like too see perform in seattle? new or old... just living... lol
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    whos picked up Neemas new album "black Roses" and what did you think of it??

    whos picked up Neemas new album "black Roses" and what did you think of it?? neemas album dropped last month ( ) and he went for a different feel for this one... who copped it and what were your thoughts on it?
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    Neema - "black roses" out now! $5.... you can even preview every track before purchase!!
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    Neemas got some big shows comin up! peep!

    Get it there! dont forget NOTES album release on the 30th at SHOTEEZ!
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    Neema been killin it!!

    my boy neema has been murderin shit as of late.. for free Neema tracks check out July 15th... Neemas new album "Black Roses" too drop... from what ive heard of it... this shit is setting my eardrums a blaze... stay tuned...
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    A few facts about the seahawks game vs the Saints you should know..

    seismic activity recorded.. and loudest game in sports (not just football) ever!! and.. watch this shit
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    Neema Live in concert with Mistah Fab!

    Thats right.. Dec 18th at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont. $10 a ticket, drinks are alot less expensive than other places here. Holler at me for tickets at 206-436-9773, im handling internent sales on this one, tickets on hand for everyone. Feel free and contact me... come out.. fun night planned out!
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    Neema has a bunch of sick shows comin up.. (this weekend included) PEEP

    Neema will be at showbox sodo tomorrow night (friday the 1st) with E-40 and Tech N9ne. I believe that is sold out! Neema also has a show at Nectar in fremont on Oct 2nd. Neema's presenting his new group "The Future" consisting of neema, Lace Cadence, Billy Patron & Sol Also Performing: JayBarz...
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    Neema - The Essence *Review*

    Intro - Probably one of the best tracks on this album.. the beat hits hard.. and you already know Neema is known for killin intros. Flexin up on thsi track.. Neema proves hes still KIng around here. "You wanna be the best?, then be the best, but as far as im concerned, y'all cant see me yet" A...
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    so i just got a copy of "the essence" by neema

    i havent listened to it enough to give a full review.. but whoa..... full review comin in a couple days...
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    THoughts on Taylor Mays of the 49ers?

    alot of criticism has been goin on about him.. i've known dude since he was 14... what are your thoughts on him? some say hes a flop.. others say he was drafted late...
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    Neema - The Essence theres the intro... everyone check that out.. buy a ticket to the show... gonna be a fun night :siccness:
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    Lemme know your opinion. free MP3's - Street Greed Ent. murder diamonds greed fo ya why waste time ^^ newer(ish) more to be uploaded later I also got the old Mr. Nicc Nutty on that page for all you who heard his shit years back. lemme know!
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    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    funny.. i said somethin similar a few pages back:confused:... saddle up!
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    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    ^^ youre an idiot, anybody can afford a house in monroe
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    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    i would pay nutz 151 and syko 100 a verse.. no one else though.. no one else got a name around.. i mean,... skuntz filthy.. but 100 for what? get outta here
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    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    youre fueling the kid by putting this as a vital.. yes its funny.. but not vital... this board is becoming a joke... well already is... dont get me wrong.. this is hilarious (especially the 2g a verse... LOL REALLY? AINT NOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY IN THE NW GETTIN MORE THAN $100.. AND YOURE L-U-C-K-Y IF...
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    Whos got studio equipment for sale??

    my homies house just burnt down and he lost all his shit and is lookin to get some new stuff... what do you got and for how much? PM me or reply to this..
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    song request... C-Dubb and RHS

    C-dubb and RHS - stressin' whos got it? it was on here a while ago.. thanks to jr916 for givin me a