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    Guce sentenced to 19 years?

    Dope videos
  2. E wishlist.

    I think VB upgrade is what killed this forum's activity in the first place. And then it just ended up being reverted to the older version after complaints. Don't feel like more features are needed, just more activity.
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    I liked this. It made WWE storylines sound more consistent and thought out than they really are lol. Liked the cameos too.
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    The story I read was that Vince decided on the day of WM 30 that Brock would end the streak, and Undertaker didn't argue with the idea. But if Sting wrestled Undertaker now, at least it's more believable that Sting has a chance to win. As I said, there's no way in hell an outsider would come in...
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    ^ Why would it matter? Who would possibly entertain the possibility of a mid 50s WCW main eventer taking the Undertaker's streak on his first match? It doesn't matter at all.
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    So what happened between Wax and Hus last night?

    @Mixerr was caught driving a truck full of 1 tonne of string, the illegal string transaction was to roll string balls and slang them outside Whole Foods in Austin. "yup.... yeahhh" (Mixerr voice)
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    So what happened between Wax and Hus last night?

    This is why comments shouldn't be made online. @TAY CAPONE1 decides to comment on A-Wax's situation and they go at it and there were many times where it looked like it was gonna be let go... and then A-Wax says for Tay to chill or Siccness will turn on him like they did @AP9. Wax mentions they...
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    what the fuck? ohio morgue worker had sex with 3 female corpses

    That way he won't have 20 more children. Gemini, I hope the day doesn't come that I click on a We The West link about another corpse love making situation.
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    Rap Talk Boards

    Just wondering if you all realize that the news posts that are generated by the "" user to go in Rap Talk Boards, really lead to nothing. It goes to the subforum and we can't access the thread made.
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    Mixerr Reviews now has a YouTube channel!

    It's R2D2's cross dressing son. He/She and Mixerr listen to records all night
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    New color scheme

    Maybe it's just my old age (30) or the fact that I stare at a computer screen most of my work day.....but the grey on black text that most of the board is hard on my eyes. Props on the redesign but this is making me squint. It could just be that everything is so dark....the white on...
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    I don't think it devaluates the product. and if it does, Pandora/Spotify/etc has already devaluated music, and Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu have devaluates movies/TV shows. For the price of one CD or one movie a month you get this big pool of music/movies. So WWE is not devaluating themselves...
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    True but when you make the forum (which is the core of this site) difficult to navigate, people won't be encouraged to come here as much. less $$ to pay da bills. What I been doing is just scan the far right column with my eyes and if its a new post in Front Page Rap News I just keep scrolling.
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2 such a low cost per month it's worth it. Even if there is a bootleg site out there that has some of the same shit from the network, it won't be as fast, and have pop ups and all that crap. For such a cheap monthly price I think it will be worth it to subscribe and get everything...
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    Im gonna have to block Gabe505 for a few days until the issue is fixed. really annoying edit: fuck, i cant even do that
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    It is better If they tried to go the cable/satellite channel route, it probably would take way longer and not be available in everyone's area. If you have a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, smartphone, or computer you will be able to watch. Supposedly there will be an actual live network feed, and also...
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    Best Buy deal: $40 in Gift cards after $100 purchase of PS4/XBone Games - Until 12/28

    $25 when you buy 2 games or controllers for PS4 or Xbox One (online only apparently) $15 when you spend over $100 in store or online The $15 bonus says it ends on 12/28 but I'm not sure about that $25
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    San Quinn signed to Bad Boy!

    What happened was San Quinn's golden retriever peed on the carpet as he was typing that tweet, so losing focus mid-tweet, he typed out that last word instead of yelling it. false alarm
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    iPad / Youtube embedd problem?

    I can't see embedded YouTube videos when browsing on an iPad anymore....just shows blank space where the vid is supposed to show. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Eazy E Resurrected Via A Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!

    It was real cool when they did the 2Pac hologram...his look is real distinguishable. But after seeing the Eazy and ODB ones it just looked like it could be anyone just playing dress up. Might as well get some impersonators up there. The ODB one looked awkward cause he looked like a giant next...