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  1. RevoL


    shady the cleanest in the town right now i been feelin that for the last 3 years. and gully is basically on the same shit its stooopid really how both flip their words up can we get a nate gully and djfresh album tho
  2. RevoL

    Shaq vs

    mike phelps usain bolt anderson silva de la hoya tho...this shit is fixed H-qFfN3IPvQ
  3. RevoL


    was this forum made for hott sauce and co?
  4. RevoL

    Webber is done

    Webber retires Associated Press Article Launched: 03/25/2008 05:25:02 PM PDT OAKLAND _ Chris Webber is ending his comeback attempt with the Golden State Warriors and will retire after 15 seasons in the NBA. Warriors spokesman Raymond Ridder says Webber will make the announcement at a news...
  5. RevoL

    McNamee injects Debbie Clemens with HGH

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's become a daily routine: A new element of Brian McNamee's "I injected Roger Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone" story emerges -- and Clemens' attorneys call the pitcher's former personal trainer a liar. The latest, and quite possibly oddest, twist involves...
  6. RevoL

    mutombo levels lebron

    anyone got video of this or an animated gif at least? i didn't catch it... --------------------------------------------- LeBron James leaves game with injury December 30, 2004 One night before his 20th birthday, LeBron James did not feel like partying. Cleveland's star forward didn't play...
  7. RevoL

    ricky williams goin to school in nor cal

    anyone see his fruity ass? espn said he takin classes in northern california...prolly smokin trees in the parking lot before he goes to class...he prolly goin to laney, dvc or know he got a cannabis card out here
  8. RevoL

    the next great champ

    yea this shit seems like bullshit, but anyone watch it? white dood who was ranked #1 after the first comp kept pulling the race card...and from what they did show of the fight, it looks like he was looks like it might be fake with all this drama thats bout to come next episode but...
  9. RevoL

    TO first play from scrimage

    god damn yall see that...81 yards to the house....haha TO actually has a QB now
  10. RevoL

    team USA puts on a clinic in the 4th against AUS

    still a long road left but the bench looked good in the USA trailed most of the game...coming back on some runs to lead by 3 and losing the lead, they smashed in the 4th throwin up some sick oops and lebroneous was throwin dimes out's really the best they've played since...
  11. RevoL

    only chance of ricky williams coming back...

    is if he goes to the RAIDERS!!!! straight from the horses mouth...many people speculated thats where he would end up if he came back, but he said himself it's the only way...they all waitin in line to play for the silver and black...he prolly wants to get a medical marijuana recomendation in...
  12. RevoL

    jt the bigga glp track on the radio

    whats that track on the star wars imperial march beat? or was that jus a remix? what is it?!
  13. RevoL

    Luniz- I Still Got 5 On It! DVD

    anyone interested? viewed only once, the DVD is in perfect condition, NO scratches guarenteed!! this DVD goes for $18 on rapbay not including shipping, i'll give it up for $13 shipped and if you pay with pay pal (i am varified), you can choose one of these CD's for free (all sealed). t-nutty-...
  14. RevoL

    Raiders sign Denard Walker

    silver and black just loading up on D...good pick up for the rotation in the nickel
  15. RevoL


    anyone interested in these...i can set up an ebay auction for you i accept paypal and i'm varified...holla wit an offer, all sealed westside connection- terrorist threats snypaz- self titled game insane- trunk tight fatal- self titled t-nutty- the last of the floheakinz daz dpgc- u know what...
  16. RevoL

    hearst signs with denver

    whats the word t dubb? aod? he aint no portis...i think q. griffin should get his shot...he ran all over indi last year, but then again indi aint got no d...but for a rookie, 130+ in a game is pretty good...all i knoe is sapp and washington is bout to put a hurtin on yall run game...what yall...
  17. RevoL

    al talks to moss

    i knoe some of yall heard this on espn, but al davis apparently has been talkin to randy moss about comin to oakland...the 2nd pick for moss would be a real good trade, especially if they are considering drafting fitzgerald (which would be stupid)...moss is already established as premiere...
  18. RevoL


    what the fuck was that he didn't even know where the fuck he was throwin it blew the game what a no look prayer...on 1ST fuckin down...i don't know if it was mis communication but if mike sherman called that play he diserves to be fired when he has aman green and no time limit in OT...
  19. RevoL

    Callahan get's Nebraska job

    i feel sorry for them kids.... Reports: Ex-Raiders coach Callahan to coach Cornhuskers Jan. 8, 2004 By Dennis Dodd Senior Writer Tell Dennis your opinion! Bill Callahan has been hired as the new Nebraska head coach, at least two outlets are reporting. 'Huskers...
  20. RevoL

    Callahan is gone!!

    Callahan's time with Raiders apparently short Dec. 30, 2003 wire reports ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The Oakland Raiders held off making an official announcement on the job status of coach Bill Callahan on Tuesday, but some players said he'd been fired. Advertisement...