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  1. krazee d

    Tech N9ne Rockaby

    off Something Else - Rockaby.mp3
  2. krazee d


    So it looks like this is the name of Tech's new album according to his most recent tweet. KOD I guessed, this I have no fucking clue haha.
  3. krazee d

    Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne - Hello Walls

    this is the illest song I've heard in a LONGGGGGGG time..... Ll-0RBSvQpY
  4. krazee d

    A couple e40 and tech tracks

    E40 ft Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung - Zombie E40 ft. Tech N9ne and London - Scorpio
  5. krazee d

    McFee - Game Over ft. Tech N9ne

    i dont even know where this is from....but anyway
  6. krazee d

    816 Boyz - Underground Heat
  7. krazee d

    Eminem: "Tech N9ne is fucking ill!"

    RIdC_bPEDVk let's see how long it takes the fags at the blog to post it there here's a download link to full interview
  8. krazee d

    Tech N9ne BET Cypher

    here ya go cdq oh and if anyone wants it the shady 2.0 cypher
  9. krazee d

    Joe Budden recruiting Tech N9ne for verse??

    per conversation between Royce Da 5'9" and Joe Budden on Twitter, apparently Joe looking to get in contact with Tech for a real emotional song on an EP he is currently working on.... Discuss.... I personally think it will be dope as fuck especially if its a track like Black Cloud.
  10. krazee d

    Lil Wayne gives Tech a shoutout

    in the track hands up on mixtape "Sorry 4 The Wait" its at 1:08 "let Nina bust in your face like a porn star nigga"
  11. krazee d

    EUROTECH Tour DVD Disscussion

    I definitely think this is the best dvd they put out. Its very well put together. The smoke session is funny as fuck and prolly my favorite part of the dvd. What are your thoughts?
  12. krazee d

    Am I A Psycho? Official Remix Joell Ortiz, Pharoahe Monch, & BOB

    pretty dope
  13. krazee d

    Backstage with Brooklyn Martino: Tech N9ne

  14. krazee d

    Jay Rock - Follow Me Home

    Preorder is now available... actually im trying to order it now but Im having trouble....anyone else having any problem?
  15. krazee d

    Krizz Kaliko - Sam's Identity Crisis

    1. Dr. Suwandi (skit) 2. Immortal 3. Rain Dance 4. Animal 5. Medicine 6. Down snippets
  16. krazee d

    OT - Eminem & Royce annouce new EP

    Bad Meets Evil Ep due out June 14 production by Mr porter havoc dj khalil and others. I'm ttyping this from my phone so I can't post a link but the story came out on I've been waiting a very long time for this and sure as hell glad its dropping on the 14 and not the 7
  17. krazee d

    Big Scoob - Damn Fool

    snippets 1. Laugh MF's (Intro) 2. Dickey Mouf 3. All I Kno Is Hood ft. Krizz Kaliko 4. Wuss Up Buhh? (Skit) 5. Akka Damn Fool 6. The Recipe (skit) 7. Lemonade Delight ft. Krizz...
  18. krazee d

    The Carter 4

    the tracklist leaked 1. Tune This 2. Team Player ft. Birdman 3. Fore Play 4. They Love Me ft. Drake & Nicki Minaj 5. John (If I Die Today) ft. Rick Ross 6. No Competition 7. Holy Grail (History) ft. Kanye West 8. Carter Cash ft. Jay Z 9. 6 Fooy 7 Foot ft. Corey Gunz 10. Play My Game ft. Tech...
  19. krazee d

    The recent preorders!!!

    So I preordered the lynch cd today and to my surprise there was no bonus preordering song. I knew that going in from the banner but my question is why? I thought it might be a one time thing until I got the big scoob preorder email today and of course no bonus song. I can't speak for everyone...