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  1. NVus

    Super Bowl

    who yall got money on? Steels 38 Cards 23
  2. NVus

    Jesus Is My Friend

    had to share this since this shit was stuck in my head all day 7-NOZU2iPA8
  3. NVus

    Impala's Car Show Today -> Modesto

    Impala's CC Car Show today in Modesto, little late to post, but just wonderin whos goin....Anyways, some info. Who: Impala's CC Where: Modesto Legions Park Time: 11:00 Who'll be there: Lil Coner, Big Ru, Termyte, Flame got the "who'll be there" info from Big Ru's and Flame's MySpace, anyways...
  4. NVus

    Valley Meet

    anybody rollin on the 14th to visalia?
  5. NVus

    whats Crackin!!

    what tha fuck is poppin this cindo de mayo weekend?? car shows? festivals? anything good goin down in modesto???
  6. NVus

    Minority Militia Sign-Ups

  7. NVus

    "Attitutde of a Gangsta" Gesuz of PA feat. Nevy Nev

    New Shit, what yall think.... Gesuz of Project Affiliated feat. Nev
  8. NVus

    LowTown November Release

    Wutup, Nev bout to drop this 2 albums in a few days. Be sure to pick em up.