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  1. Premo

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    batista is coming back for mania
  2. Premo

    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    made me wanna slap my mama
  3. Premo

    wwe in mexico city

    WWE LIVE in Mexico City -
  4. Premo

    HHH Thy Kingdom Come

    if anyone comes across a youtube stream or downlioad link for the documentary portion of this dvd set , please post that shit up in here . please and thank you
  5. Premo

    Los Matadores

    im with HHH on this shit. as long as they dont talk, real mexicans will never notice its 2 fuckin puerto ricans . the bull and the ole chant may be enough to get them over big time perhaps around wrestlemania the right crowd will come around and get that shit over like they did with Bryans yes...
  6. Premo

    4 Hour Deceased Wrestlers Tribute

    Wvzm0E1jglQ this is good shit :siccness:
  7. Premo

    The USOs

    i know they only gettin pushed cuz jimmy on total divas doin the reality tv thang u feel me but god damn, these fools are even more over now, than they were 2 weeks ago.. this shit is startin to catch fire right here. go watch their match with 3mb from main event this week. they were over like a...
  8. Premo

    Big E Langston

    is low key dat nigga
  9. Premo

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    Jericho 1004 holds Chris Jericho is the Man of 1004 Holds - YouTube Jericho conspiracy victim Chris Jericho The Conspiracy Victim - WCW Nitro 25.05.98 - YouTube Jericho Greenberg Chris jericho Vs Gillberg (parody on Goldberg) - YouTube Terry Funk brings out fake Ric Flair Terry Funk Old Yeller...
  10. Premo

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    benoit would beat shaemus ass
  11. Premo

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    cm punk = roddy piper
  12. Premo

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    NEWS: Tell us a road story. WARRIOR: I always loved working with Randy. He was so intense. In public, he spoke like he did in his promos. I remember one time, he came out to stay with me in Arizona. And he was there for a couple days. We went out to eat one night. I said, “Randy, just do...
  13. Premo

    No ma'am :siccness:
  14. Premo

    Killer Mike x El-P are Run The Jewels

    peace to killer mike getting big boi on here
  15. Premo

    Killer Mike x El-P are Run The Jewels

    whoa. el-ps beats got better like hella better
  16. Premo

    JOSE CANSECO (bay area related)

    @S.SAVAGE happy bday
  17. Premo

    The Sicc On Twitter

    im kinda out the loop again ? @PremeloAnthony talk to me i talk back
  18. Premo

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    Mark motherfucking Henry
  19. Premo

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Salute im well homie good look them fuckin Opiates had ur young potna on hibernation mode but im right back like i left somethin . 4 months clean off that hoe shit , fuck any drama, we hittin Benihana we never dirty you know ima pull my sleeves up thing about me tho , i dont change unless...
  20. Premo

    Taj He Spitz - Exhibition Games drops June 4

    lPCMUK5-eyA anticipation building for the lp, i know im not the only one hungry for it i wanna see lil homie win hes next up from the seven o, easy. I Got It | Taj-He-Spitz go listen to i got it on bandcamp until then