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  1. Kayne

    phonkbeta Beats

    @PhonkBeta have you tried In my opinion it's way better across platforms, for people to follow you ect.. Check it
  2. Kayne

    Boo Kapone Feat. Mack 10 & WC – Callin’ All Hogs (Unreleased)

    Good to hear Boo Kapone again. @COOPDVILL do you know if he got more material coming?
  3. Kayne

    2 covers

    Don't have time much for covers these days but it's still always fun to do graphics. Both are online releases only.
  4. Kayne

    Error on props

    Giving props generates a error. It adds the prop but returns the error. This looks like a cross browser one.
  5. Kayne

    H.P.T. AKA Willie Ringo Albums

    Is Likkwidd Lava Willie Ringo's only release? Anybody know any features he did on other songs? Ps I'm not high just misread the Southern California
  6. Kayne

    Startpage for the forum always shows...[Resolved]

    @Gabe505 this goes for me too, with the "www" its good. I'm not sure how the authentication is done in php and on this site, in it's not dependent on the url. But still it works without the "www" on MBA, safari
  7. Kayne

    Startpage for the forum always shows...[Resolved]

    The forum startpage always show that I'm not authenticated user, even tho I am. It shows the "user login box" and the message. Thought u wanted to know
  8. Kayne

    Moon - Medina - Flyer

    Did this a couple of weeks back
  9. Kayne


    Joel Kinniman is a Swedish actor. He done a couple of movies here, most famous for a movie called Snabba Cash "fast money", part II is due next month. He play the role of the house keeper at the end in the movie Safe House with Denzel and Ryan. He is a ok actor but his english is not the best...
  10. Kayne

    Confident - Unsung Hero

    If you are into hip hop then i strongly suggest you check out Confident and his latest album mixtape called Unsung Hero. Listen to or download the mixtape at Produced by Boonie Mayfield, artwork by Topline
  11. Kayne

    Cover and website

    My homie did a mixtape so i hooked him up with a cover and a website. The website is more of a location for a music player, download, contacts and cover. Nothing fancy but done with responsive web design so it adjust to your device and show different links ect. As always I welcome opinions and...
  12. Kayne

    font used for the marcberg cover

    Looks like a common font like arial black or something, anybody that can pin it to the exact?
  13. Kayne

    New Work

    G-Macc - Dead Gorgeous ft Locutus - Singel Cover Sample this production - Soundcloud Picture
  14. Kayne

    B-Zo - The Light & Dark Mixtape

    Haven't posted any work for long i been doing a lot of programming. anyway here is my latest.
  15. Kayne

    New Stand Up

    I'm trying to get some new stand up comedy. u got any tips? new comedians? I recently seen Patrice ONeal - Elephant in the room Kevin Hart - laught at my pain both are really good. Patrice was good at the roast of Charlie Sheen aswell.
  16. Kayne

    indo myspace flyer

    indo myspace flyer
  17. Kayne

    Most annoying character in a movie or series?

    What's your most annoying character you ever seen in a movie or Tv series? Myself I have to go with the Janice Soprano character from Sopranos. When she took the buss back to Seattle I was so happy but then they brought her back. I was close to stop watching it because of her.
  18. Kayne

    Tre-8 - Bootleggs from the b side - Download it

    I got the album from Tre and uploaded it Tre-8 - Bootleggs from the b side album You can download it from this places Megaupload Rapidshare
  19. Kayne

    Recent work

    Have not posted work in a while. Done coding most of the time but here are a couple of graphics stuff I done. I got more coming real soon thats in the works (most websites). Funny thing I don't like doing logos that much but still I get them Feedback appreciated Nelly's logo (they wanted it...
  20. Kayne

    Bleezo Da Protocal Thread

    I think I heard that second clip before but anyway it is hella dope.