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  1. J_Loc


    i know hella peeps asked this before, but i wanna know whats up with them now....i mean 11/5 was hands down my favorite bay group, or shall i say still for that matter. but anyone think we'll ever see another 11/5 album? in fact where all them KILL A HOE niggaz at. big vic, e-sic
  2. J_Loc

    Whats goin down Saturday May 17th????

    Gonna be comin down to seattle on saturday to get fucked up. Whats goin down ??? any shows?? good clubs??? whats poppin??? lookin for a nice hip hop rap club, somewhere pref wit not really a dress code, usually we go to wild palms, but its way too hot and small in that muthafucka.
  3. J_Loc

    Free Husalah Shirt

    Where can i get one online, rapbay dont got it, and is there any other places where i can get some nice tees online?
  4. J_Loc

    Best store to cop some nice fits????

    Comin up to seattle tomorrow for the weekend, where are the best spots to get some nice fits for good prices? Where yall shop at?
  5. J_Loc


    Just seen this on his myspace, i was gonna be comin through there saturday to party and then go to sonics vs nuggets on sunday, i guess ima have to make it a whole weekend thang yadaaddaadig. anyone else can confirm this, but its on his myspace so its gotta be forreal, where can i cop tickets?
  6. J_Loc

    RBL Posse in Burlington Tonight

    My friend told me, anyone know where its at??????????
  7. J_Loc

    E-40 Hyphy Tour Tonight - Vancouver,BC

    Anyone from the siccness goin to this, i just copped my tickets, all ages show in a pretty large hall, should be aiight. Ill be perved thats fa sho, anyone else goin holla at a playa.
  8. J_Loc

    Yukmouth comin to Tacoma,WA

    This is off the official yukmouth website 3/31/06 Area 151 Tacoma, WA anyone heard bout it, how much ticks are, how the club like, im from Bellingham, yall think itll be worth the trip, and hopefully shit dont pop off up in there
  9. J_Loc


    yo i just heard this from a boy that messy marv and san quinn coming to seattle putitn a show on at the Catwalk Club same spot Yukmeez ripped it,if anyone else has heard of this let me know if its fa sheez or what,and when itz goin dizzown, YADDADAMEAN
  10. J_Loc

    Any Concerts Goin On In The Bay This Weekend

    Hey wassup yall im comin down to the Yay Area this weekend ill be there from July29-Aug2,can some one email me or just leave msg here as to if there are any shows goin on anywhere in the bay,club appearances tours shows whatever,just wanna pop mah collah yaddadamean,email me at...