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    I'm from Va-llello California, land of the...

    homer? it's been six months and i still can't decipher the hook of EARL. can someone help me out? i looked it up too but what i've found still doesn't make sense to me.
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    Earth, Wind & Fire show - Sat. 7/14/2007

    it was at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. anyone else go? i thought it was pretty damn great. i'm only 22 but their music reaches out to all of my all time favorites. hopefully they'll continue to do shows in the next few years so when i become baller, i'll be down there in...
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    does anybody know where i can hear more of this guy? i've heard a couple of tracks with Crooked I and he's one of my favorites to rap alongside Crooked.
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    Figuring Out Notes From A Mac Dre Song

    i found guitar tabs on two Mac Dre songs..part of the Thizzelle Dance, and Since '84. i was wondering if anyone be able to help me out with the Get Stupid remix? i hear an instrument repeatedly playing the same notes in the background, but i can't figure out what the notes are. i'm new to...