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  1. KALYN

    Happy Birthday NOTES..!!

    Do it big fam... whats your plans this year..? I hope this is the best one yet..!! :devious: Be safe...
  2. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    ...psh... ur hairclip maybe...
  3. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    Green Light for Comedy I'm reading young Khevlar's posts and seriously..they make me smile.....because ya see, unlike everyone else that's posting Ive actually been in the same studio, same vehicle, same house and KNOW alllllll the threats and bullshit remarks are your typical youngin' sitting...
  4. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    Bullet taught me a lot about the music business & thru him I met several of the people I still do business with was a starting point......each of us has linked up with someone that we thought we knew but at the end of the day realized we were mistaken.... What do ya do besides take...
  5. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    ...I'm not goin' back & forth with you- we both know what happened with you, your album, etc...I'm not in here blowin' sunshine up anyone's ass ..double CD glossy whoop whoop- that's some shit that you've never done in allllllll your years of rappin' .......& as for us being in the same club and...
  6. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    ..hold up. You were handing out your burned CDs when I first met you....high quality double albums, full color whaa.. ? "Rapping" since you were 15... You'd think you'd have gotten the hang of it by now....... Stop name dropping dummy and seriously -- change your sig already..
  7. KALYN

    Happy Birthday Notes..!

    ....another year already..? it BIG fam... :)
  8. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    I dont care if your shit is engraved in the bible itself PJ -- your hooks, features and beats were sold and re-sold.. ignorance must be bliss... as for my favorite record of yours - stop it.... lol..
  9. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    ... stfu PLEASE.. any lick of business sense you may have came from dude, dont front - so he took your money and didnt put your shit out, pieced out your album and double sold all your shit.. ah well .. at least you got some of your shit back once you paid for it again... ... sup On One...
  10. KALYN

    **ROSE ALBUM REVIEW** volume 1 "KHEVLAR (Suburban Nightmare)"

    ^ Norm knows his strip clubs... ;) @ Roses .. be a peach and rip just the Arjay hooks off that silver coffee coaster for me...I'll owe you a favor... I do love me some Arjay, real talk- his voice is amazing...
  11. KALYN

    Happy Birthday Notes...!

    ... do it SUPER GRANDE tonight fam.....! Be safe...!
  12. KALYN

    Customize Your Phone-

    ... not like I havent spent enough on my damn cell phone incl. monthly service, accessories, etc... but have y'all seen this site...? I've always been into the customized shit.... I'm sure it might be too 'sparklie' for some of you thugs up in here.. :eyecross...
  13. KALYN

    .. Dana top ME..?? Neverrrrr.. I got the answer.. ask the question..

    .. c'mon then... lets DO THIS.. Ask and ye shall be told............... she'll be done before my day ends.. :devious: :devious: :devious:
  14. KALYN

    Best Games for Christmas?

    .. I have a 13 and 15 year old... boys... what games are hot right now? I have the X-Box and the PS2 (not buying a new gaming console until March) .. Halo and Madden is gettin' run into the dirt around here... and some racing/shooting game but I dont know what the name of it is..... Any and...
  15. KALYN

    RIP Freddy Fender..

    Tex-Mex singer Freddy Fender dies at 69 10/15/2006 1:59 AM, AP Freddy Fender, the "Bebop Kid" of the Texas-Mexico border who later turned his twangy tenor into the smash country ballad "Before the Next Teardrop Falls," died Saturday. He was 69. Fender, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in...
  16. KALYN

    Finally... SouthWestBound- NW Edition

    ... the issue went to press and will be back in 7-10 days.. I feel like its been forever but the issue is DOPE and I'm sure folks will be more than pleased with how it turned out. I'm willing to ship singles out for the cost of shipping once I have the magazines in hand.. they'll also be...
  17. KALYN

    SouthWestBound- Special NW Edition

    ... this issue has BEEN DONE.. unfortunatley I was unaware that there were 4 other issues (special edition issues and the regular issue) in front of ours... my apologies to my folks that I told this issue of the mag would be out no later than July 1st.... I'm just waiting on my guy at...
  18. KALYN

    4th of July in NW..?

    Whats goin' down in Portland/Seattle for 4th of July week-end... if I dont hit the Bay to do some shopping then me and some folks are thinkin' ROAD TRIP to Portland... maybe Seattle... I'd like to hit a show or an event while I'm in the town.... Cool Nutz..? Nonstop..? .... someone...? :)
  19. KALYN

    OctoPUSSY.. eww.. *Not work safe* I have no idea how to post a vid on here.. so anyone would like to post it differently feeel free.. but this vid is FOUL.. lol..