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    GB/GBA/handheld emulators for the p/c

    Sup fam it's been a minute since i dropped by.. I remember last time i found a good playstation emulator it was off asking here.. Someone hooked me up with PSXe, thanks again to whoever that was.. Does anyone know of a good legit Gameboy or Gameboy Advanced Emulator for the p/c? Or better yet...

    So is I Love Money 3 Canceled Or What?

    This might be hella late.. But my friend told me Ryan Jenkins, the guy on Megan Wants A Millionaire and dude that murdered that model/pornstar beezy is the supposed winner of I Love Money 3.. I know they canceled Megan Wants A Millionaire, which is coo'.. But I Love Money has always been comedy...

    Cops Caught Playing WII During Raid

    hah pigs idk if this has been posted yet either my bad if it has. $4,000 game of WII

    DreamCasts 10th Anniversy Article

    Nothing really interesting here accept the time-line which brought back some memories.. Man, i loved my dreamcast.. Shenmue, PowerStone, and Evolution were the shit! Heres the link if you're interested in the detailed timeline they got -...

    Demon Souls

    Idk if theres already been a thread about this game but this is one RPG i'am really excited about thats comein out this year.. Only thing is its a PS3 exclusive at the moment, and since the games been out in japan for quite a while i was able to dig up a lot of info about the game and even some...

    Resident Evil: DarkSide Chronicles For The WII

    I never got a chance to play the umbrella chronicles, something i plan on doing before this game drops.. I'am not really into onrail shooters but it looks like this game takes it up a knotch, giving you choices on where you wanna go and the ability to search around and still collect/find items...

    Any good GameStop Coupons?

    I've been buyin tons of used ps2 games latley and the edge card helps but i know theres usually coupons someone posts around here.. Their jus never around when i need 'em lol. Anyone get coupons emailed to them latley? I'd appreciate it.. I get paid thursday and i plan on buyin a few more ps2...

    C-Murder Sentenced To Life

    Sorry if this was already posted or is old news to some of y'all.. man hard to beleive he was arrested that long ago.. but then again i know he was prolly tryin to push back the case as long as he could.. comments?

    Trials HD is ADDICTING

    I havent bought the full game yet but i downloaded the trail level and i'am already addicted.. Shit is fun as hell to play with someone else jus passin the controller.. My brother, his girlfriend, and I played for like 2 hours straight on jus that one level.. I'am coppin this shit tommarow 4sure...
  10. KODOGG


    Anyone seen this game? It's on the cover of the new game informer magazine and they got like a 6page preview of it.. Shit looks dope.. It's from the same makers of Doom and Quake. Shit looks like a beefed up Fallout 3.. The raceing looks fun.. The fact that you can build turrets and RC Car...
  11. KODOGG

    Olivia Munn Playboy Pictures

    I wasn't sure where to put this.. But since there isn't any nudity and didn't wanna put 'em in I-Candy and get everyone's hope up lol.. Plus they'll probably get more appreciation here anyways.. Even tho theres no nudity Olivia Munn is fuckin smokein and these are worth checkin out for sure...
  12. KODOGG

    PS2 RPGs

    I feel like i missed out on a lot of later RPG's that came out on the PS2.. Right now i'am comprising a list of RPG's i wanna get and eventually play thru on my PS3.. I know theres not a lot of RPG players on the Sicc but i'd figure i'd get the opinions of those who do play 'em.. Here's What I...
  13. KODOGG

    Looking To Start A Siege Group On Red Faction

    I know theres already a Red Faction thread but this is a lil a different.. I'am lookin for a few siccness members to party up with me on Red Faction and get down on some Siege.. Right now i'am like 50-20 in Siege but today i keep gettin paired up with a bunch of randoms and loseing.. I'am still...
  14. KODOGG

    PS3 Exclusives

    I jus borrowed a ps3 from my friend and i'am wonderin which ps3 game's i should pick up at block buster tommarow.. i'am only tryin to pick up 1 or 2.. so far this is the list i got that i sound interested most in.. Metal Gear Solid 4 (already played a lil bit of this game got sorta bored of it...
  15. KODOGG

    Aliens RPG "no longer in developement"

    Didn't really see how it was gonna work.. But i'am not gonna lie to say i was a little excited about it.. I hope the AvP shooter still comes out atleast. story:;title;1
  16. KODOGG

    Creating You're Own Video Game Content

    I found this article an interesting read.. Especially since what i'm in the middle of doing right now is completing my general education for Video Game & Art Design.. Right now i'm at a community college, so i don't have the tools to really create anything by myself yet.. But hopefully by the...
  17. KODOGG

    2 Red Rings?

    I was jus playin some Red Faction and my shit all the sudden got 2 red flashing lights and scared the shit out of me.. I then ran over and turned it off and turned it back on and it was fine.. Then i googled it and i guess its because it's overheated? I think this has happened to me before hella...
  18. KODOGG

    What Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm interested in what games y'all are gettin down on right now? Heres the few that i've been stuck on latley.. 1. Red Faction: Guerilla <-- been puttin hella hours into this game.. all my friends got it now 2. Resident Evil 4 <-- jus beat it on normal and ada's side missions.. playin on pro...
  19. KODOGG

    Who Has Ever Fucked Wit' These?

    Almost had ta' bitch slap the girl in the drive thru cuz she forgot to give me mine.. i dont like sweet shit too much but these pies are fuckin bomb.
  20. KODOGG

    Hands On With Dead Space Extraction

    I think this is a prequel to Dead Space that's bein released only on the WII.. I was a fan of the first Dead Space so i'am most defiantly excited about this release. link:;story;2